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The all new raff board limited Toyota, let's go places JBL clarifier registered trademarks of Harman international industries, Inc. Was there anything about Roman in this? He call her performance, but standing in the ring for that amount of time in telling his story, and and where he seemed to be in a different place, and he had been before like has he again, it's it's real life. But has he grown as a performer because he went through this real life experience. And there's a way that maybe he can let his guard down a little bit more with the fans be a little less. Vince, McMahon's, plastic super scripted superhero. With Michael Cole saying these these these catchphrases about him, and sort of fitting in this mold and it, but it felt kind of tight and phony to to to the people who didn't like him. Do you think he's more comfortable in his own skin knows performer because he kind of did open up, and he is more Joe out there than that vision that that that Vince had for Roman reigns. Is that something that can actually he can build on? And what he was before may not return some of the things that people found off putting I mean, it's only one week. So it's it's difficult to draw conclusions. But I mean, this largely feels like a fake narrative to me. I mean, I think he feels like largely the same performer that it was before. And I I again, I I wasn't down on him in a lot of ways is a performer. I thought that You you know, know. there were there were, you know, issues with things that you do here and there, but I thought always when he came out to the ring he had a poise about him. He had a strength about him. And you know, I thought that you know, if you're if you're not really liking him that could be off pudding. But if you do like him, I think that's the sort of thing that you do like in a in a hero of a story. And I thought that the key thing was not the difference between him doing something. But just the difference between how people wanted to respond to them. And I thought that the difference in reaction was I thought validated. That point. Yeah. Yeah. No. I think I think the third path you you are ticketed is is very possible. If what if if he kind of when he gets back in the full swing of things, and it's a weekly performer on the show if like I feel like there's some foundation built now in this happens with with relationships with people where maybe you have a. Oh worker, and then you go through something with them or they go through something in your there for them. And then there's a different dynamic to the relationship where. Yes, you around a lot. But it you didn't get it. Didn't get tested in a way. And it got tested in. They came through if Roman brings that to the ring with him in the mail fans were booing and bring that to the rain, and they start seeing him through the lens that the kids in the women did before who were cheering him or the more casual fans went to the house shows in some of the markets ridiculous here in he acknowledges it he when he can kind of we've been through a lot. And there's a I guess what I'm trying to say is I think there is something to build on there. But he may not feel comfortable building on it. But I always felt with him in made this case that top baby faces, and I think sting had it early in lost later where you defense feel and I think wrestling fans not. Nikolay? But especially in in so many cases wanna feel that the wrestler who's performing for them loves what they're doing loves wrestling and isn't faking it or phoning it in and I don't know that Roman ever Roman..

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