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Will participate and an intensive program before entering the classroom this fall. The months long program is the product of a partnership between teach for America, DFW And kept taxes. Public schools to train more than 350 new educators T F A D FW's Jessica Guthrie says it will also focus on providing teachers with the tools to make sure students are caught up on grade level coursework and to ensure higher star test results next year set them up with not only the foundations but to give them the skills necessary to continue growing and adapting. To adjust to whatever is going to come their way. Meanwhile, a federal grant will fund new curriculum for human trafficking prevention and Fort Worth School. The three year program will provide up to $600,000 annually to fund for or thighs, these curriculum aimed to teach students trafficking protective measures, warning signs how to report abuse and more. It's always been very important that especially now because of social media and way more connections, Tricia Tamayo with the District says, although it's tough to have these conversations Important for kids to understand the dangerous reality and are prepared CAT bones iron W B A P News. Longtime state Senator Jane Nelson has announced he will not seek re election next year. One of Nelson's legislative accomplishments in her almost 30 year career was when she was involved in a successful push for voters support for $3 billion of state bonds to create the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute of Texas. In 2019 voters approved the renewal of the institute and was given another $3 billion. Nelson is also a former teacher, and will be remembered for working for the return of physical education to public schools. Access business. Real time numbers on Wall Street, the Dow was down 348 points, NASDAQ Down seven points and the S and P. 500 down 25 points from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say you're an ex update is at 11 24 7 coverage at W b.

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