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Interesting yeah when somebody gets railroaded light debt and of put under you know you can't talk to them a man i don't know if you can't anymore but fifty years down the road were now discussing this yeah there was a mansion there is some there's a mention of some of this may have been a kennedy was the one who put the suppose they went ahead of the justice department put a a tail and had the fbi do a spy on martin luther king which actually do i pierce to be and this may be you know some people think of maybe this success was a payback for the king assassination which is far out idea but what was bobby kennedy on on track to do i mean besides win maybe that was just the problem not another one of those jag offs well there's the element of that there was a it's almost like it was almost like with trump you know there was this aspersion that they're kennedy's were all mobbed up and they really just looking at the family yeah i can see that would come from is there mobbed up and they really shouldn't be in this position bringing a bad element and so they were lower case then you'd have to take it to the extreme and say that the ted kennedy mary jo kopechne ic thing was also staged and roy it's always i mean anything's possible if you really well no i i still have my questions about junior and his plane crash yeah and there's that there's that element because we apparently to win hillary the only other guy that had a chance for anything was robert kennedy jr who picked up that crazy we're disease where he can barely talk talk yeah that's that's a shame because it comes across it's very uncomfortable to watch him it's hard to follow they i've got a great idea bill.

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