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Was daily streams with no risk or of the game welcome back to win radio was terrible Perry was a native of the San Francisco Bay Area the son of Portuguese immigrants would relocate to Chicago in the nineteen thirties any first played his Gildersleeve character on favor McGee and Molly he received his own program radios very first spin off in August of nineteen forty one and this example of that originally played on the evening of may fourteenth nineteen forty seven the crowd quotes got but I present Harold parity is the great Gildersleeve DVD a the great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers out parquet margarine it's Saturday night for the first time in weeks Gildersleeve as bad an evening in the company of his own companions at the jolly boys club a former Floyd Munson barber shop along the bull will not bad not cheap I should like to take this opportunity to congratulate you personally on that last note you saying that was a bit whole whole whole phone was moving in with us don't spoil it she there is power in in the town and there do you own it all at the I'd like to say at this time gentleman well you're probably going to think I'm being sentimental and I think it is but I could just like to say at this time there is power in Uniontown mean the commissioner commissioner longer hand I I don't really want to make a speech of this time but I should just like to say at this price time interiors vendors I should just like visit to Tom's say price home in Wheaton that I don't Lincoln know where shire there's a Skokie or south find a bunch Barrington of followers anywhere to get designing that right here your dream home and today that goes for anywhere like all parents we want the best for our kids why the best I think role it models calls for a the song best schools and so on BB had when he was trying and to sing of course there how bout the of best PD care tavern in that's the town why we're so grateful and for children's bring them miracle out of the network movie right hospitals now kids get hurt or get sick Hey we I know got they're getting when I the got care one they need let me at the piano so please that he provides join us one in supporting grand children's gets one miracle gentleman network and hospitals I'm going to be so doing that every okay child just has a chance one to get better one listen to us the put the your great money where love the miracles are give to children's miracle network hospitals hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans America's.

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