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Dot com sports station who knows maybe was on a golf course for all we know we are like holy smokes man this guy just wants to win everything are you open the first practice I'm in his brain we'll start with stretching manifest on the first practice that he called about it like in the movies on a movie called me by my by my full name is Scott brown you know the best part about your trade was like you gotta plenty for Conde more but now you got to play with like every every day and that was a reality check right there that this guy coming at me every day he I didn't own it all yet and as for the first time I met him and you've got me on the and that pushed me every day it's got to be ever get to a point where Jordans like tenacity and his will to win became like two monsters listen we all want to win I mean not to his extent because that's why he's the greatest to ever do it we will like be there ever come a point for you well like you might have snapped in a practice you might snap in a game where it's like man get off my back no it really wasn't that bad it's just editing editing does amazing things home evil everybody's right but I was a new guy so they were gonna shape in a way that it looked like I was gonna happen every day but I mean no one he pushed me took to motivate me everything about it people always say how tough he was on the and I like people say was close to pulling like it never got close again physical he pushed me into a junk like anybody would well now they don't talk junk because no one said I think you're gonna put back a day you talk trash to each other and that's part of basketball but it is he tweeted was pushed me motivate me to be tougher to understand what it takes to be a champion like you think people say yeah I'll play with the best no you did play the presence you play with him in that team and you've never been in that situation so you play with the best team ever played and played and and and and championship so there's no comparison other want to anybody to say because it is something you don't you've done it and what you've done it you realize that this is not unlike any other team this is the Chicago Bulls at the highest level every sport Scott you guys are going through that post season run and obviously everybody knows what's going on with the bulls the idea of Phil Jackson not coming back on the idea of Michael Jordan may not come back Scotty Pippin and you know put off the surgery and what not did you get this sense going into that team that they all kind of knew that it was the last dance you know I know Phil gave you guys the memo first day of practice you know I saw it in the documentary what was that like a real thing or was it one of those elements where it didn't maybe hit home until after you guys beat the Utah Jazz at home please be them cook yet yes figures how can you put the team that was picked up a lot eight at three in a row and all you have to have to do for it could bring a couple of pieces there whether it was me or not but they can still look at winning that the next year with a shortened season Republican one after another chance of that year but you you really don't think if you did what it would break up and pulls over any like while the number sign anybody and I'm not talking about bringing one back so it was over them but also I think we'll still studies done mentally but this whole thing you know here he checked out a little bit so the signals over we got a great scalper I'll member of the Chicago Bulls teams and he's a star allies dance I mean you see it everywhere right now so it's gonna be great recruiting tool only Scott he's out on the road trying to get players one nine I'm sure like the idea of you know maybe Hollywood your future you never know if your wife maybe it's the kids but you got a little Hollywood game two yeah a lot of it and nonostante I'm telling you man maybe I'll maybe another life you be acted somewhere but you have to you know maybe lately but not now I have your culture but now you got a good feature itself you know wrong about that when it comes to the Pacers series in the jazz series you guys are tested what series for you being a part of it felt like more of a drain was it the idea of going back to Utah and having to play that game six and you guys are right on the verge of point a game seven or was it the Indiana series Reggie hits that game when our member in game four and yeah and you guys are down if I'm not mistaken in game seven how to fight back what do you remember being a tougher series the Pacers no doubt on it not only the Pacers we pray the Pacers eleven times a year and when you play a team eleven times there's nothing that you do is that they don't know yet until I do nothing better to do that we don't know they're gonna do so with a dog fight of the most talented the least amount of steaks obviously out in the game you need defensive stops to get that win and at that late in game we got the stops that that propelled to victory but I mean now the dog fight it was two great teams that he was big they are built to beat the bulls and it was fun fun atmosphere and plain and Indiana that floor was on those rocking the floor was bouncing your hearing aren't those sold out here in your arms we're we're we're sticking up with electric imp what both three of electric but when the patient was not only the was the toughest challenge I think Scott is a coach reporter this bulls team what last seen if one specifically maybe it's from Michael maybe it's from Phil maybe some you just experienced in your playing career what is the one lesson that you've passed on to your players from your year of being a part of that great team you try to pass on how it how important each day is helpful if you love what you do how important is that this today going to be used to be the perfect let best player you can be but then here comes the situation where you know I'm not going to believe it and understand it so when you start pushing and pushing what's to much what's what what's your driving how wide your drive more than theirs and that's when it comes to my job to recruit better people that love the game and want to compete to win and one of the great on and off the court in the classroom and then controls also like to be successful so and it's harder activity too we have only eight or nine scholarships to division one yep thirteen ferment bass one fifteen for women so it's tough to not make mistakes in recruiting and it's you're at the top of the picture chain of a division to like you from school that comes into contact with the one where everything's flowing clock at your school so you make mistakes but you've got to minimise minimally technique or six to come make effects are minimal but find the regular self motivated they can push that one of the great but you just called him a little bit more they're like I see it I'm gonna get better on my own and and work on this at all skill it's got a I got some insider info all this come from J. that you're an incredible golfer and I'm not the least bit surprised the hell no not I've heard I've heard some stories so maybe we don't have one or two if I see on the course point when Michael Jordan likes to play some golf and watching him you know he's a bit not god knows what I mean do you suppose what can I say Scott I am like vicariously living you know one with zillions of the wife of Michael Jordan maybe because you know it one of the local courses here in the tri state area I'm trying to sneak a from one fifty he's trying to do it against PGA guys for goodness sakes it is there around the golf you've ever share with Mike and maybe a bet that maybe have one from my kids I'm sure you could have taken a couple of his boss with the way you play golf nine year but I've never I've I've only played a few times but I do have my own clothes a couple times since well well how do you need the coverage on your own club yeah exactly exactly so but not if you want to pay you whatever Becky big focus I would never let him be so they started high as it is with other people with me talking about him I would be smart about my money but but he's got a little older now getting older games not as good as it used to be hello I like that so maybe little's reunion weekend and there's a little golf festivities involved that is when you could take down the goats got product down go take on the go when I trust me if we're if we get a green light when going to travel a bit I'm gonna sort of stick the guilds money this summer as I'm talking about is a fine one minute Preciado the time on how much hot water did you have to deal with as far as maybe doing some dishes maybe point out the garbage couple more times maybe doing some errands a little bit more around the house why do you have that information seeing of you on the plane you know and you gotta have a happy wife happy life did you want any hot water at the time that my friend while the system ten years old or nine years old in the genetics and while twenty of the actual school high school I I hope she doesn't think that that I could do anything extra to to prove my my love for her but a home no I I did not do anything like that I think my parents I do worry about more than her because they they don't want to raise me in a talking to you do the right thing but trust me anything that was said about me what how much I party with what the recorder of what I did so I was a good young man a state as well Hey listen you are going on planes with Carmen Electra out to Vegas I was always going on those trips to be honest I don't have that your back pocket exactly exactly exactly Scott this was an absolute blast my friend continued success in the coaching world all the best J. you the kids and what not and I I'm looking forward to seeing weaker it's actually my friend thanks for time right no that's not me that you are Christian thank we'll get stuff there from Sketty parole formerly of the Chicago Bulls Dallas coach division to an I mean some of those stories you have practicing Michael Jordan golf all Michael Jordan incredible incredible stuff we get a lot more it calls eight five five two one two for CBS now with the latest sports update is Mike began.

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