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Let's talk about this i don't know he hits explain what have pd but listen you know sam calls me and a high speed pursuit i'm glad that he complained that he bought this up you know because it's a lot of different things going on in the world today different communities or whatever with all these officers shoot knees guy some of innocent some of not innocent or whatever but just my based on my experience today now the officer that pulled me over i knew that he was like a rookie and this was today today surfer are not on the way to the show right yeah i don't well on my way to meet paul anew that guy was rookie based on a number of different things you know it was two officers in the car he had a different color uniform worn he was you know super high tight probably will no he was just he was probably feel he wasn't talking with a lot of confidence whatever but he told me he said listen pulled you over because he was he told me that everything was being recorded i'm fine with that he said the reason why pulling you over is because i saw you on the telephone and then you didn't have your seatbelt on or whatever you know he went back to the car or whatever so the officer that was with him when he came up in this is an i'm talking about this because i think this is something that's important not only what police officer but when it comes to doll's about you know having the right person or right animal for the job geno because because they have to make decisions short you know and sometimes this is is is is sometimes it's quick or even before making a decision it has to be the right dog or the right person for the job so the police officer that comes up on the passenger side he said you know what is that on the side of your seat and those like to gone a bottle has gone a bottle of cologne.

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