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I forgot all about this out Saturday. Night Kid Ed Four Beers and I never seen somebody so drunk on my life. I blacked actually. This could be the cold opening. I threw up through all over. Everything what are you such a lightweight. I couldn't tell you I had four. I had four screwdrivers and a shot and I literally couldn't see I couldn't find command. I couldn't either the split. What did he split Navarre? No I'm being serious got I swear to God split. Yeah you having dying though. What's it's funny you saw Teddy? You know he's a big guy. You know like five or six foot big dude football player. Yeah you you you test alcohol like a little kid dipping his toe into my by drink immediately enter Outta ever tasted see. Australia's you have your. Elaine is your taste testing. If like you're king testing for poison to try this all right what are we talking about today. The percentage. Would you just get tired of back and forth. Yeah I wasn't involved anymore. You it is hell our everybody. That's going to be the cold opening in two podcasts. I'm Bo. Oliver joined today by Aaron McKie and Teddy Teddy. How're you doing good you? I'm doing pretty well and we are here to talk about the world of movies and TV and a bunch of other stuff star. Wars game of thrones marvel. Maybe.

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