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Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax throws his fourth career no hitter and his first perfect game in a one Nothing win over the Chicago Cubs at Dodger Stadium, jumping ahead today in 1990 at the U. S Open in men's tennis 19 year old Pete Sampras. Wins his first Grand Slam title, and he beats fellow American Andre Agassi. 646362 Sampras becomes the youngest male US Open winner and today in 2018. The Green Bay Packers start their 1/100 season with an historic 24 23 comeback win over the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. It was the first ever Packer recovery from 17 points after the third quarter. It was 20 to 3 to start the fourth Now. You know today in sports history on I Heart radio reminds me I used to work at a light rock radio station Rianna guy Did he Did the love song? Show it. This was one of his themes. Beautiful sounds to do beautiful things to each other by name or 1000. Leigh Matthews. Katie. Okay, not come. Cold Front is making its way through right now, and temperatures are beginning to drop Roy. Our things in Uganda. I don't know. I'm in here. Listen to you. Okay? That's good for you. I don't care what's going on out there warm in here. In any case, I'm calling because I'm not here About two weeks ago, I saw Sean Hannity did something. Said something and then he did it again today, and I thought the first time is just a mistake. Today. It was the exact same and I thought, well look. Att shocked. You know, a number of years ago they had the Democratic may have been Obama that tried to make that derogatory statement about deplorable Americans that cling to their God, their guns Bible in their religion. And then act ever since then, Sean would do it as a point of pride that Yeah, we're there for those deplorables. We clear, probie viable in our religions, you know, and He's two weeks ago and then today on his show. He said. Yeah, we're the little portable American. They cling to their their God, their Bible and the religion. I don't think you left out guns on purpose. I think he just did. He did, Lee. I'm telling you, you had to hear it. Okay, so So now you're saying Sean is anti gun. I'm saying that for some reason, because there was no longer mentioning that in that little phrase that he is. Okay, well, I got to tell you, I got to tell you, Shawn is not very sharp. Okay, well, this was going to bring me to my second half will hammer of Fox News. He was right. He was giving the news. I don't know if it's yesterday or the day before. I was watching it on my desk. And and he said, Yeah, I said, you know that. That's just just like George Floyd, who was shot dead by the police. Now I'll give you that because I've heard both He and Reasoner do the same thing. And as we both know, you know, George Floyd was not shot to death by the place created. Yeah, you know, for some reason, because, well, it was the drugs or positional fixation or whatever. But you know that that's the line that's been put out by BLM and and all those people initially he was done in by the police. Yes, just it goes to show you You know, we supposed to have a team? Well, guess what. Our team sucks. Well, Roy, I'll give you the Fox news Gaffs but day and I don't want to slam Sean Hannity too terribly. But I mean, as far as being a broadcaster, Sean isn't very good. I'm telling you, he's he repeats the same things over and over again. He's got catchphrases. Apple Yazoo. He's got crutches out the year, so I don't think he could time something properly if he if I had a gun His head. So the first time I gave it to him, you know, he just made a mistake. The second time today it was exactly the same. I have an excellent memory. It was exactly the same. The pause. And everything. So you may have been listening to a recording. He may have recorded it from his house because a lot. He's doing a lot of that, too. He's doing a lot of pre production now from his house because he's only phone in it and he's he's given his TV show most of the most of the attention most of his, and I don't disagree with you on the other aspects. Roy I'm just saying, Don't take anything Shawn does too seriously because again is He does what benefits Shawn? So I like Sean. I've had nice conversations with him on the phone. But there are certain somethings I hear him say and some things I see him doing like, really. And if that's that's really the way you are on the way you feel, then you're not that bright. But I can't talk to that. He's making the millions of dollars and I'm actually I got to tell you. I'm happier here than I would be in show I never wanted out of my career. Sean Hannity career I never wanted to Rush Limbaugh career. I would much rather be the big fish in a little pond. I never wanted the responsibility and and the non one on one communication that it takes to run a national show. Because you can't keep people in California happy with the same thing you're saying about keeping people in Michigan happy and I wouldn't be able to say things that I can say on this programme in this area. Oklahoma City if if if it were a national program, and I would never want that at all. I guess I'm not one of these guys that.

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