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Thanks for he had grabbed the terrible reality of the April unemployment report that we've got this past Friday is going to be with us for a while but there was a sliver of hope in all the doom and gloom seventy eight percent of the people who said they were out of work reported that they had been temporarily laid off the big question then is how confident they ought to feel about going back to the jobs that they lost market place Kristin Schwab has been looking into worker confidence and economic reality not long before stay at home orders went into place savanna Jordan started a dream job as a guest relations manager at a new upscale restaurant in Scottsdale Arizona three days before the restaurant's grand opening she was furloughed I was upset only because I was so excited to open up the restaurant to get started she's collecting unemployment but she loves her job and that's why she's not looking for anyone also she sings states start to open up I'm in full confidence that we will open up their own and then once we do we're going to be extremely busy a recent poll by the Associated Press and the university of Chicago says of people in households where someone has been laid off seventy eight percent think they'll go back to their jobs not new indigo at Northwestern University thinks that's a little optimistic but not far from the reality at least for now every month that you say you're on layoff temporarily there's some chance that that becomes permanent he says some industries will have an easier time re hiring like healthcare and construction jobs that are public necessities or where it's easier to follow social distancing rules dean Baker at the center for economic policy and research says restaurants and tourism will be Shakir but they may need to bring people back to take on slightly different jobs are the stories are gonna need people to pursue the social distancing in the meantime Baker says the confidence furloughed workers are showing is good it's what could actually save us from a longer downturn when people believe they still have jobs waiting for them to continue to spend money.

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