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Kind of content to use for that kind of campaign. I think that goes back to the that we said is the reason why arabs are valuable to marketers. Is it gives you the end to end. Data integration with your sales teams efforts. Right you understand. Not only the performance marketing campaigns beer able to make a solid handshake between your marketing efforts. And your sales and right and build those personal relationships with the end of day mostly for bb businesses is what generates revenue right. It is the sales team that is building the relationship managing it and closing the deal and your leads into actual revenue so at the end of the day. Crm's while traditionally i think people think of them as a sales tool is really becoming more and more of a marketing tool and it's deeply integrated with your marketing automation and your email campaign so it is becoming more of a marketing tool last question for you before i let you go. I just want to hear a little bit about sales. Nexus and how you think about yourself relative to some of the competition. What's difference between you guys. Why should somebody be interested in sales. Nexus as opposed to in the act of campaigns or the hub spots of the world. We kind of contrast ourselves with two different ends of the spectrum. One is the marketing automation tools. That are out there. Like you. Just mentioned and what i would say. There is that our systems built for sales people so where some of those marketing automation tools have evolved their own crm capabilities. It's hard to find salesperson. That loves because it really wasn't built for a salesperson on the flip side of that we trust ourselves with the popular. Crm's that are out there in that. Our system has the marketing automation bolted into it. You don't need an extra module for that. You don't need a whole other team to manage that so we're just one simple system all combined into one built for sale steve's while craig i appreciate you coming on the show i appreciate you telling us about how sales and marketers are overlapping. How we're using the same technologies and how both of those aspects of businesses can leverage sales nexus. Crm's whatever tools they're interested in will. Thanks for having me on great discussion. Great questions are really enjoyed. It appreciate it in that wraps up. This episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks to craig. Climb the president and ceo of sales nexus for joining us. If you'd like to get in touch with craig you can find a link to his lincoln profile in our show notes. You can send him tweet at. Craig klein cr. Aig k. l. e. i n. Or you can visit his company's website. They set up a specific page for the mar tech podcast which is sales nexus dot com slash tech essay. Les any ex us dot com slash mar tech a special thanks to hub spot for sponsoring this podcast. Don't forget that the inbound twenty twenty one is coming on october twelfth through the fourteenth so if you want inspiration if you'd like to grow your network or learn from global leaders in business and media like oprah winfrey spike lee and you know me head over to inbound dot com. that's i n. b. o. u. n. d. dot com. Check out their lineup or register for free inbound dot com and also a special thanks to linked in marketing solutions for sponsoring this podcast. It's time for you to do business. Where business gets done and you can get one hundred dollars of advertising credits towards your first linked in campaign there's some terms and conditions that apply. But you can get one hundred bucks off. If you're launching that first campaign going to lincoln dot com slash martic again. That's lincoln dot com slash martic. A couple of links in our show notes. That i want to tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you're listening to this podcast just head over to mar tech pod dot com where we have summaries of all of our episodes and contact information for our guests. If you're a subscriber to the mar tech podcast. we'd love to hear from you. So we created benji shop dot com slash question. We could send us your topic suggestions or your marketing questions which will answer live on our show. Of course you can always reach out on social media. My handle is benjy shop on lincoln and on twitter b. e. n. j. s. h. a. p. And if you haven't subscribed yet and you wanna daily stream of marketing and technology knowledge in your podcast feed. We published episode every day during the work week. So hit that. Subscribe button on your podcast app. And we'll be back in your feed tomorrow morning or if you'd prefer to have our content delivered your inbox. We also have a once a week. Newsletter to subscribe. Good benji shop dot com slash newsletter. Okay that's it for today but until next time my advice is to just focus on keeping your customers happy..

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