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Tons of high school experience i just don't know how long it's gonna take to make that transition as well if you want to try to get back to that next level i think more of a mad thinker jack sears can can do it without having the focus of the offense beyond the quarterback i think if you go with jt daniels the focus could be on him throw into his high school teammate on russell brown another five star guys though it might be something similar to what we saw a couple years ago where usc starts somebody the first few games and then switches to the more talented younger guy later on which with sam darnold they might do that again with jt channels but i think to be at that high level where you're playing with sam is probably going to be jt daniels at some point so you take a step back from se and talk about the pack twelve is a whole jon wilner had a tweet after you know the selection show the kind of put things in stars stark perspective the pac twelve in the two major sports this past week there this past school year one in eight in the ballgames and only three ncaa tournament teams as you mentioned ryan only one of them avoided the dayton plan game then you've got the just kind of like never ending issues about the pac twelve network in not being direct tv and whatnot what can this conference do at this point to amac feel like this this weekend was really noticeable to me how the pac twelve tournament nationally was just completely out of sight outta mind in fact the american conference got a lot more exposure for being on cbs in the windows where the big ten years to be the pac twelve tournament will mean mostly games are on the pac twelve network or they were taking place you know.

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