Rickie Lee Martinez, Jim Crow, Chuck Schumer discussed on Charlie Parker


AI our top story. Texas Democrats who broke quorum and left the state of protest, staying busy in Washington, D. C. They met with Vice President Kamala Harris and state Senator Roland Gutierrez pressed her for federal action to rein in the GOP is not even about party politics. This is about allowing people to have their voice heard. Texas Democratic contingent will also meet with that Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Manchin to push for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Schumer says he salutes the Texas Democrats who fled to Washington D. C to block restrictive voting rights legislation. What the Republican governor is doing in Texas is just despicable. This comes after Governor Greg Abbott warned Texas Democrats they can be arrested for fleeing the state to block the GOP measure. But Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says President Biden is wrong when he calls the GOP proposed voter bill, an assault on democracy and an effort to suppress the vote. I'll sit down with the president, I'll go through the bill, let him show me one place that Jim Crow one place that's voter suppression. There's none in the Bill Patrick made the comments on Fox News at night. Meanwhile, the GOP backed election integrity bill has the approval of the state Senate, even in the absence of Democrats who fled the state Senators passed the bill yesterday with a party line vote of 18 to 4. But the Senate still had a quorum and was able to pass both the election bill and bail reform. If House Democrats failed to return before the special session ends. The Senate vote will be moot, but the governor has vowed to call another special session. Testimony continues today in the capital murder trial of a man accused in the 2016 ambush murder of a San Antonio cop the jury heard from eyewitness Rickie Lee Martinez yesterday. I was scared like so and.

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