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Two additional In fact, one person was rescued and being transported just moments ago, Adam says. Right now it's unclear what caused the gas explosion. But BG and E is on the scene and working closely with the fire department and turn off gas to the buildings. In the immediate area. We do have a reporter headed to the scene keep with w T O P for the very latest this afternoon. Now the latest on that deadly shooting in southeast over the weekend. D C. Police are still looking for a least three gunmen opened fire just after midnight yesterday at a block party in the city's Greenway neighborhood, 17 year old Christopher Brown was shot to death. 22 other people were hurt, including an off duty cop and two teenagers. The officer is in critical condition with life threatening injuries. Here is D. C. Police chief Peter Newsom, First district officer. Who was off duty at the time was struck by gunfire. She received a very critical gunshot wound to her neck. She has improved. Her condition has improved, and she's been at the hospital. However, she's not out of the woods. Mayor Bowser calls the shooting an enormous tragedy and that it is further complicated by the spread of Corona virus. When people gather in large groups, laws on police reforms have the unions that represent police officers in D. C and Emery County, pushing back with concerns on the impact of individual officers and how the public safety could be effective. Montgomery County executive Marquel Rich has signed into law the bill that puts new restrictions on police use of force. Leigh Holland with the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 35 that represents county officers said a number of concerns remain, including raising the standard. When an officer can stop a possible suspect. You would need someone who witnessed a crime to point and say that is the person If the lookout maybe was descriptive enough, you might have enough there in D. C. The police union is suing in federal court, saying reforms air being enacted that cut the labour group out of the disciplinary process. Holland says his group is weighing its options, including a possible lawsuit. Kate Ryan. W T. O p new DCs Department of Health, revising its list of high risk Corona virus states added to the list today. Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky in Minnesota. The city is also removing Delaware, Ohio and Washington State fromthe list. Mayor Bowser recently issued an order requiring all people traveling into D C from high risk states for non essential reasons to self quarantine for 14 days it all There are a total of 29 states now on that list. Maryland, Virginia. Exempt. We have the updated list on w t o p dot com. Some countries are getting down to zero cases of the Corona virus without a vaccine. Could we see that in the DC area in Europe when it went away? It really went away. I mean, in countries you saw the numbers really go way down, and we're seeing much lower numbers say in New York City now. Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, vice dean for public health practice and community engagement at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said that while we aren't Close in the D C area that it is possible for the count of Corona virus cases to go down without a vaccine. We're not gonna get to zero, but we could get much, much lower. He said That countries that have been able to get to 30 cases per 1,000,000 per day have been able to open schools successfully. If we can get to lower levels were going to be able to do more things safely. Barry BONDS w T O P News So here in our area, D C reports about 50 new cases today. That is a sharp decrease after the district reported its first day of triple digit cases in almost three weeks. With 100 new cases yesterday in Maryland, 800 new cases reported today. In Virginia, 700 new cases Northern Virginia has been seeing about a 6% positivity rate within an increase of people in the hospital With covert coming up on w T. O P. It is confirmed. There are a lot of tornadoes in the area as Hurricane Zaius made its way through last week. We'll check traffic in the forecast next. Summer seems even brighter when you've been inside a while, it's time to drive again. With Honda kdb dot coms 2020 Best Value brand. You could get a great deal on the 2020 CR V or 2020 HRT,.

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