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Connection look i don't think there was a connection at all i mean we saw for the weeks leading up to this that there were you know similar marches similar activity on the border it it obviously intensified on the day in question here i think perhaps accentuated by by the move i think they tried to exploit the fact that there was a significant political event taking place that you know that resonated among the palestinian people of gaza perhaps the west bank as well but you didn't see this sort of outrage in the west bank you didn't see these mass protests it really is hamas trying to exploit situation and you know after the fact blaming this on trump's decision very disingenuous and and really not reflective of reality turkey turkey is turkey in some fashion entwined with hamas in gaza or the palestinian authority in the west bank well it's interesting so for the last several years we have seen the growth of a hamas presence inside turkey if you recall the two thousand fourteen war the event that sparked that war was the kidnapping and killing three teams in the west bank and that was actually planned by senior hamas figure who had been based in turkey at the time is name is solid rory actually now based in lebanon where i'm now hearing by the way that there is a growing hamas military presences well perhaps to draw the israelis and do a two front conflict if and when hamas decides to do so so it ain't great we were seeing millions of dollars pouring into the gaza strip airline of course being a very outspoken proponent of the hamas organization but lately we've been hearing some interesting reports actually they began last year during the stabbing and vehicular attacks that we're taking place specifically around jerusalem we were hearing through open source as well as for private conversations that the turks have been investing heavily in.

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