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And she said, if you threaten my brother one more time, I'm gonna slit your throat that was awesome that whole by the way that, that whole jump from, you know, John, killing Danny to, you know, this council with John locked up. And like I it's, it's really a hard jump. It's a hard leap to think the grey worm didn't kill John that John wasn't killed by somebody that bothered me. That was the first I mean first of all, going going back to that. Where did all those unsullied come from? I've known exactly. We're exactly where did they come from? But go ahead. And the yes, I agree that John living doesn't make any sense based on what we present. Yeah. You can say that grey worm. And all of them had been disoriented by Maris's death. But like these are people who just massacred a city because of the Queen like they're not going to kill John and I, I hate it also early in the show, when John watched, you know, his grey worm slit, the throat of, you know, some of the Lancaster army, I just didn't I John just was coming off, as weak, and I know it was a difficult position to be in. But ultimately Tyrian talked him into doing the right thing, but there were a couple of things. So the aria thing with your I thought it was great to see the Tully guy get laughed off the stage yet. Hold to basically get back sit down by Johnson was great. Sam's idea of democracy. Was getting laughed at was hysterical back to Danny speech to the unsullied in the death Raqi, and I thought she was awesome. She she was very good how our last night. How about that shot walking up to that withdrawal? With roadway macaroni seem at me a hundred times we I just think back to what we were just talking about four, I think we clearly needed more after her death like the jump from her death in drogue on burning down the iron throne, you know, and then picking her up and flying away to this group meeting with all the kingdoms present and grey worm wanting to execute Tyrian, and John, who you know, was at that point already caught and imprisoned. It was just too big of a jump, like there's too much to, to, to see happen between that in where we were like too much more between those two events. And again, to me, I can't imagine that somebody came upon the blood of, of Danny, and John standing there, and that they didn't, especially if it were grey worm that, that John would have just been imprisoned, the whole thing that whole part of it was a little bit ridiculous. By the way, when we get to all. All of these kingdoms being represented Sonson never wanted to go south again. Like in there. She is in why was Brienne part of that group because she was with Santa. She was with Johnson, but she got a vote. And Davos got a vote. Well, I doubt address that. I don't think I got of I know about those two were just there to be there. Basically, Donald seemed to be moderating. It hub by the way. How about the, the errand boy, who's now a man like he just grew overnight. Oh, yeah. Robin, erin. I man. That was weird. Yeah. Granted it wasn't overnight. But right. That's true. It's not overnight. I guess in actual time. The last time that he was he was held a boy, you know, brand is there, Terry and makes his speech, which was awesome. And we end up with the plan that everybody, you know, basically, you know, I think saw coming Vegas coming, which his plan being king and sonza remaining Queen of the north. I loved when she the that one spot where she said, you know, we're going to remain independent. What were you expecting that? I was I was. But this was one of, again, one of those things where it just stretches like the world they've created a brokerage roles. So you have representatives from all the kingdoms there, two of which endured on the iron islands have repeatedly and repeatedly tried to leave the seven kingdoms didn't wanna be under it. You have the north say, okay, we're leaving. And they're cool with staying that was one of the things that just in the world. They've created didn't make any sense. Yeah. I mean, I guess I just expected. I mean I the. Way. Sansa handled it was the right way and you can see aria approve interior.

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