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Solve them once and for all each day starting may eighteenth yeah I'm so graphic I sponsored by bush auto group online car buying made easy and Bouchard a group dot com Hey here's what I realized out because they really care to be to come up with some of my other night wind down a lot of it was not the right guy that's because I don't agree with most of the other people I'd stop the shocking maybe that's of that nobody has what's not like I'm I'm I'm thinking it I think the guy walked into the one Jeffrey Jeffrey ata you've got a good message now there's something that you did that you were on an island with it I don't think you are any longer that was Mike trout you are yeah I think so and he ran the camera there's a lot of you know I mean I love my truck might be something beyond just the crusader anyway but I do want you to hear this because he needed a job Conklin baton Charlie comes across as a buffoon hi this this is the bit that really reassess them the rear got up one night and and she was watching south Korean based I what was the middle of the night his words a South Korea based off I guess she was a big gap Erin Althea fan at all okay or or Altair or ban lives we have all but anyway house or Congress came up with a bit middle of the night he's got three Philadelphia voices watching I'm zoom zoom a south Korean baseball game let's let's Hey Tom McCarty checking in LA area there I see it there's LA about Charlie's Charlie with us you know like I can hear you I can't see you yeah it's got like you know lives C. eight Charlie cook all words says video you guys have a game on I can see the game out you can see pretty good game that line drive into the stands actually takes the head off of a fan behind home plate let's say guys weren't some of Ben Davis's hair product.

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