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The earth have power now we have to keep up with our father this let you know they are they are not literally he's used in locus as as an analogy analogy whereby you have the four stages of the locus to understand satan little tricks a scorpion is bought in for a very special reason and went out father use an analogy takes takes take time to stated that know and understand it will well how does a scotsman have power there you get into the punt a scabby and has a long tail with a stinger on it he has two little cancers pitchers by his mouth and there is a strange thing about a scorpion he doesn't have a stem like he has a stem he he has no spare to digest food there's why go at bought this into this place so so what does the skopje and do he takes his tail pause and his victim and grabs it with his little pitzer mile then he girgis tate his victim and the victim becomes hysteric in other words it turns your backbone into mush that's the way satan operate he's literally pause and the mind he turned the backbone to mersch he's he oughta medically has a third common at the gate the skopje and takes of the juices and digests he stays quite healthy and the victim is gone that's what you don't want to become why would god go to the trouble to explain that 'cause is needful is neat for for you to know as a christian where you do not let satan turn you into mush you to have power over him and you know how good al father is he lets you know and the next varies versus four and it reads and it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth neither any green fang now the any trees but only these men would have not the seal of god in their full here well that's blows it out of the water cost that's what they live on these are not locus but enemy of gone i'm going to repeat this again only the men that do not have the seal of god and therefore here they are ignorant of god's worried they didn't they did not take the time to absolve the seven seals and therefore here that is the word of god god commands commands the enemy leave.

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