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One o'clock i'm harris allen yankee started sunny gray held the blue jays to one run yesterday but he lasted only four innings throwing eighty nine pitches that meant the bullpen needed to get fifteen outs which proved to be a little taller and order tommy canley served up to on homer to justin smoak in the bottom of the seventh inning that got toronto within four to three and in the eighth it was smoke facing david robertson with the bases loaded he fouled off said curve balls and then he smoked a heater now once again it'll be three to four the game the three two new back on the track near the john sterling with the call here on the fan that academy for the blue jays seven two four victory the teams split their four game brandon drury a two run jack for the actual have their home opener today against tampa bay with our coverage on the fan getting started at twelve twenty five on the cardinals rained on the mets parade we get that story from the fans ed coleman all d young homered twice on the cardinals jumped on stephen matt's early on route to a five one victory over the mets salvaging the finale of their threegame series d young now has six homers and eleven extrabase hits against the mets in just ten career games met nemesis yada molina also homered his second in the series marcello soon had three hits on the other to saint louis is tell me fan was on base four times with two hits and two walks luke weaver went five innings for the cardinal win matt's gave up three runs over four innings and eighty nine pitches and took the loss i'm ed rosario drove in the only met run of the day in the second inning final again cardinals five one that's what i was the phillies tonight with matt harvey on the mouth the scoreboard that bryce harper a couple of homers the nationals edged the reds six five to complete a threegame sweep also in the nfl marlins six cubs nothing dodgers nine giants nothing al the red sox shaded the raise two to one at twins handle the orioles seven nothing mariners by the indians five four the astros stunt the rangers eight to angel seven as for the white sox at k c postponed and interleague double dip the pirates took both ends at detroit one nothing eight six the nba the knicks were off the nets lost of the pistons wanna wait ninetysix with detroit's reggie jackson pouring in twenty nine the ncaa women's championship game with a dramatic ending young falls the break looking looking bicycle milwaukee rightwing voice.

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