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So is Joe burrow the next Tom Brady? No, that's disrespectful to Tom and to Joe. But can he, as a guy, I love quarterbacks. I love having a favorite quarterback that is fun for me. Joe burrows the next Tom Brady for me. The next guy who I am excited to watch. And just enjoy I mean, he's a new favorite for me. The guy I'm in a really root for in the NFL. And I probably shouldn't have even said that Tom Brady was the next combat. It's just not going to happen. But I will say. And I certainly, I don't think I'll win 7 super bowls. But you may win one. I'm nervous about that one. But the payer level between jobber on Tom Brady, let's be clear here. It's a guy who was overlooked, who isn't fast this isn't strongest, isn't the biggest. But every little aspect of his game that he can master he has, decision making, understanding pre snap where to go with the football mechanics, footwork, leadership, that's why Joe burrow reminds me of Tom Brady. And it really does feel like a moment where the torch is being passed from Tom Brady to Joe burrow and how fitting would it be? For Joe burrow to now win a Super Bowl right as Tom Brady does retire. Was anybody else emotional man? Did anybody else say I didn't excuse my language? I try not to touch on this one. On the other show, it's all it all goes, but I didn't cry or anything. But I was like, man, I'm gonna miss the guy. I really, really, really loved watching Tom Brady and he certainly could have kept play. I don't know. Let's talk about Las Vegas. Let me drink some water real quick. The Raiders of hired Josh McDaniels to be their new head coach. And let me remind you of some history when it comes to Josh Daniels. He was once the Denver Broncos head coach in 2009 and 2010. And 12 games into his second year, he got fired by the Broncos. And he's been pretty open recently saying that he wasn't ready for that moment in 2009 and 2010. And I mean, you could also argue that Josh McDaniels never had a quarterback. But let you know, that's part of Josh McDaniels history is that he failed once as a head coach. Here's the other part of his history that I think people forget. For 13 total years, Josh mccandless has been the offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots. For three years, then I got hired by Denver. Got fired by Denver went somewhere else, then the last ten years, the last ten seasons in the NFL. Josh McDaniels has been the Patriots offensive coordinator. A massive collaborator with Bill Belichick. He's been Bill Belichick's bender the longest obviously in New England..

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