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I suppose i could put it another way. Will we see. Is this the end of that of the jack greenish. We'd known from aston villa. Almost certainly the kind of player he is. The kind of rolling said almost romantic figure from the past. You know there's so few players like him. Who is he always compared to compared to players like gas going you know. Those kinds of dribblers Law center of gravity. All those things. And i mean pat can obviously fit him into the system. I want lost to to the things. We've loved jack really so far. Yeah i guess. We'll see. I don't know i i feel like we've seen players at city continued to play beautiful football and to do those kinds of things. I don't think they're necessarily you know i know. Pep has a system that he likes to play. But i don't know if he's asking some of his superstar players to be robots And i think the same. I don't i don't think he'll be asked to be a robot. I don't know i. I i do wonder that You know i've got this image in my head. There's always. I see pay like you know intensely explaining something to ryan sterling you know and writings face always kind of like a slightly frazzled expression. And we've seen it with the yoshua came to On the field this kind of you know on the shoulder yet. You know this kind of aggressive. 'love and aggressive learning aggressive education for the bears and When i when. I when i see jack really just i just see a confused face but on thinking about their fronts. Say the front six. Some kind of combo of i mean if let's say he plays somewhere maybe hard to think about what they might look like with the hurricane stuff still up in the air but right now foden sterling. Greeley's debris a mahras. Who am i forgetting upfront. While we're not gabriel. Gabriel gabriel. jesus gweru esguerra. Yeah you don't have that that center forward and you know we saw kevin Broin often not leading the line but you know playing in that kind of role false nine. Yes so yeah. I mean that's another question about someone's gonna lose out there i and again that's another thing i i i i struggled vision as well you know undocumented one okay grundel one. He's the one. I was forgetting. Go into one in that site as well. that's i mean we we see starling. Ford and greenish regularly in the same site. I don't know it's actually it's fascinating. I can't wait to see what he does. That's one of the exciting things about the season for coming forward. And i suppose you know just in your head trying to figure out the player and the player. He's being the player. He's going to be at manchester city. That's that's what i'm grappling. Meanwhile the club that he is potentially leaving behind aston villa are like it's funny because none of this is done and yet villa are certainly carrying on as though it is they are wasting no time making moves to try to compensate for the player they just lost as danny innings has gone in now to asheville leaving southampton What a move at a great move. I would say for villa. I wonder in situations like this one. A club villa loses a player like relish gets a massive sum of money. And you know. Obviously it's going to. It's going to hurt them. But you wonder okay if this is managed properly can there be a net gain here for villa and so a couple of things that i was wondering about with that so for for for one Not having released obviously hurt. Skysports is gerard brand. Wrote this about greenish. last season. He said the three months without release last season. Where a worrying case study villa one just twenty one percent of their games without him and one fifty four percent of their games with him These are tough to figure out. Because i ultimately i think i tend to fall on the side of several good players. Don't make up for the loss of one great player. I know that there are. You can probably find examples of both but generally. That's the way i feel like. Everton did not see any bump at all really when they from the lukaku money when they lost him. That was that was a loss for them tottenham when they lost gareth bale. Sure a couple you erikson and lamelo came from that. But ultimately it took tottenham a little while they had to stumble into a youth academy player in hurricane becoming their greatest goalscorer ever to get out of the post bail run. It wasn't really anything necessarily with all that money that they got that helped them out of it. So ultimately i think losing a great player Is obviously it's tough and i. I don't know how many good players takes to make up for that. Now i will say danny. Ings isn't just some good player That's a great start for them. Leon bailey cons. Welcome beyer leverkusen. This beezer are nice moves that i think they're making to try to make up for this impending loss. I know what you're saying. I do get the point that you're making what I was done ings. Was those one of those. You know shock signings. It's like there was no draw out anything. There was no room or it's like boom next thing. The announcement is made. And i liked donny. Yang's bought you're buying downing's act one thousand nine right. Let's just just think about it for a second twenty. Nine twelve goes enforced this last season. That's drop off tangles from the previous season and a thing that he suffer which road is career. He suffered with injury a little bit more last season. And they're paying. What forty million dollars. I mean was it i i'm trying to. I don't know the conversion rate. It was twenty five million pounds right.

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