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Of of a black hole the the other way of reading it i think is that is a more more idiomatic to grunge which deals with outsider status and a sense of kind of feeling feeling like a misfit and feeling like you sort of don't belong feeling like you are you know a person or part of a group you know part of a subculture set apart like league you are people of the night and not people of the day or something like that and that that the black hole son is like an emblem of of that it's it's more like a mascot then like an actual you know physics related reality situation and so the the the rain the kind of the negative effects of society can be eradicated by you know the the the mascot of the the mascot of your crew the mascot of your like misfit misfit crew or something something like that and so like i i think you know this is a a long way around the burned to save that w i think you're right in that there are probably multiple orthogonal all dimensions of sun verses something or light verses something operating in the lyrics and certainly in in the video at the same time and i would even say lilistening what you're saying i don't even think that it needs to be non physical in the sense that the the sauna the sun is encyclical relationship with rain versus the sun that is a sort of fixed select shoul spots that has a constant existence it seems to relate to total eclipse of the heart which has this rotational energy in contrast with the eclipse which while it is occasional every now and then is not to the same degree as sort of comfortable every day spot in the rotation like we nickless's are dangerous eclipses are bad but at the same time sex and lover dangerous sometimes and the song because it jim steinman also polls that in there so like for all of this sort of comfortable songs about you know the sun will like.

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