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And after that the irony is you know we did become friends later on and we got to where we could talk on the phone. I could never have them around. That could ever happen around kids in my family. But we did repair sort of reconciling. We did reconcile and so it was ironic. Because this will be the first time. I sit. And i'll try not to cry but the first time i said so. I got a phone call. One day i was in the store. And i answered it and they go. Hello agra hello and he goes. Yeah this is so and so from the corners. Stop stop stop. Stop stop. I'm in public. You will hold on a second. And i start dancing around. I don't know what to do. I'm like wanting to go well. We found your father what happened and they said well you father. Your father's passed away. He died in a fire. And i'm like oh man. I jumped up on my my. I don't know what my wife she's like and people would line is starting to watch for base. Get out and i was like okay. So it's gov and the irony the reason why tell. That story is the reason why they called me. Because i was the only number. He had his phone while because he and i. We went full circle. Man where you know in the beginning we didn't have it was discrimination towards one day. I'm documentaries toward the documentaries. Baked where there was forgiveness where we were talking to win. He passed away and they found the phone. And i was the only phone number he goes. I know who you are. You know. I know the situation but this is the only had while and that was the phone of. I know i never thought this anybody tell right now that is heavy. It's it just. Goes back to forgiveness. Glad that he and i were able to have those conversations. And i'm glad that we i listen to talk to my son. You know on the phone and stuff like that and just the whole reason. I could never be around. It was people that drink he was blackout drunk and he can get really real fast. You can never figured out how it happens. Couldn't have him around. My wife and kids. Because i told him you're bringing back to that as creator and i go this as good or now control down berry. I wouldn't even be and stay for you or me but we did have that conference. We did have that we were talking and he can call me whenever he wanted to always picked it up and talk to them and you know what i mean and and that's what this this this show is about. I mean obviously people being able to find peace people find out i'm finding peace within their selves when they've had tough lives as is really important. You've obviously done that. And your wife's played a part in that also and we're gonna come to that here pretty quick. But we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna go ahead and One fortunately like i said live radio chins. This is awesome dude and we're actually going to pick this conversation up growling ready for that one. That was that louis away honestly ready that that was. That was fantastic teaser. Mix i'm honestly been wanting to talk to you forever but we talk tornado chasing and a bunch of other stuff we used to. But we're gonna do that in the next episode. We got george we and has called us and is ready to go chen. So let's love you buddy take care chance so far from. Ufc champion to world heavyweight champion. We will have george foreman back right.

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