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And weather first. Scattered showers may develop this afternoon as a front gets closer, the highway seventy five and then a cloudy sky tonight with writing creasing and a low of sixty six tomorrow with showers ending during the afternoon and high seventy one from the Weather Channel, I'm meteorologist Jeff marr on news, talk seven, sixty WJR. For news, talk seven sixty WJR I'm are meadowland drum. You have housing questions, the inside outside guys on WJR have the answers here are Ken and jock. Welcome back everybody. The Sunday morning edition of housing lifestyle information you can't trust with the inside outside guys. We appreciate you being whether it's real quick. We've got a special guest. We do have a special guest we've been telling you want about it all morning. And if you haven't checked, and yes, you're right. You're right. What you got good sleep again. Mass like, yes, I did I had to. Who? Couple of sickled man s going to bed at seven thirty. You know what was it about three or four months ago? Matt, Fritz sales exact called me up is can you got to check this place out? He sent me over to Clarkston window and door. And I've seen it. I've passed your place bunch of times. Because you you're, they're, they're in a spot everyone cuts through, you know, seventy five shutdown by it. And we had Jeff Weaver, the owner of Clarkston window and door with us today. Jeff Kimani guys, having Clarkston onto our featured. We're thrilled. No. We are we truly are went.

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