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What last week the u reported in the guardian that facebook is quietly moving data for one and a half billion global users away from its irish terms of service into us terms of service what's going on there so it's not day to them okay it's important to be clear that all that doing is that changing the terms of service that uses outside of europe and the us and canada agreed to it used to be that us and canada agreed to come to service you know a binding legal contract with facebook's menlo pokes had menlo park headquarters and everywhere else in the world agreed to tons of savage breakthrough all and which is facebook's international hq now if you're outside of europe that document is officially in agreement with facebook incorporates with the with the us brody facebook okay so i'm just gonna say it doesn't mean that that if they're a user wanted to take legal action they would have to do it in a us court versus an irish one almost certainly exactly that it's one of those things one of the interesting things about your little really across the board and gdp ours no exception is it's it's created and enforced somewhat differently from us and uk law i it tends to be sort of deliberately vague until after it gets worked out through national level enforcement through national level case law and through the way it's written into national governments which is to say that i have not been able to get a clear off even from experts in this area about what effect this change actually is facebook's given it's clear on facebook says the reason why did is just to make it easier to do things like notifying vigils outside of the eu of data breaches because gdp.

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