Donald Trump, Senate Intelligence Committee, Junior discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Looking into Russian election meddling? Fox News confirms an agreement has been reached for Donald Trump junior to testify again for the Senate intelligence committee last week. It was learned a committee chaired by North Carolina. Republican Richard Burr hated shoot a subpoena for the president's son. Several Republican senators complain and suggested Trump junior not appear negotiations between the intelligence committee and Trump junior's legal team focused on link of testimony and scope of questions it's expected Trump. Junior's testimony will happen next month on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern or drums, concerns. The administration is laying the groundwork to invade Iran with escalating tensions with around. The White House is considering a plan that could send upwards of one hundred twenty thousand troops in the middle. East of Toronto tax American forces or ramps up its nuclear ambitions. That's according to a new report, the New York Times vice President Mike Pence telling FOX's, Shannon bream. We're going to continue to stand firm with what really is a new alignment across the. Region. But some Democrats your hawkish members of the president's administration like national security adviser, John Bolton are pushing the US to what they see as an unnecessary conflict with Iran in Washington. Shawn lane, Fox News. It is sweet music to the ears of some doctors soda. Sales are down Philadelphia. Pose the tax on soda in two thousand seventeen. Now, they're looking at some research in time sense show soda sales are down some thirty eight percent is new results published in the journal of the American Medical Association. They argue soda taxes could lead to a declining basically so collecting the data on that. But other cities are considering similar strategy now merchants and the beverage industry, obviously, not fans of his higher tax by the Pennsylvania supreme court upheld the tax ruling just last year, John.

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