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And lisa in on the joke and then they were pranking kathy back because copy thought they were ordering actual vodka to like beyond par with her. But little did they know that it was water so the whole thing was just a really funny dynamic of kathy pranking them but then pranking her back and being like holy shit and seeing the reactions of the girls when they didn't know his water honestly we didn't know as water watching read stand up in her full like vitton. Leather outfit with her headband. On and shug dot what. We thought hard martini. I was like. Oh my fucking odd. I had the exact same actress. Eric i was like. Wow that was impressive. Who had no idea until obviously find out but it was funny to watch kind of on the spot say no. It's not just ending year. Let's take it a step. Further and yet the prankster. And like that's why when they're in the car on the way back. I can't even as i'm about to say when detailing i can't believe this is how it happened but chris only kicking sutton as to not ruin the praying and that that was the point of escalation. No i can't believe that was the point of escalation and she was whispering in the back to sutton why she just kicked her. It was like she kicked her. That i'll tell you later and sutton like built up this whole thing the way that it escalated into then sutton later saying. I've never had a girlfriend kick me like that. It was like she was so offended by that and felt like everyone was in on this joke without her. Put it perfectly if everyone did on the prank. It's on a prank. It's the weirdest thing ever. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be insensitive. I understand some people have this as part of their personality as a result of insecurity and it is really sad but also let's just beyond it was ridiculous. I mean crystal says the perfectly she goes if it's not her she's not included. She thinks she somehow the victim and that is a completely spot analysis. And that's why take her away as a reality television actor for a second okay. Imagine you're one of these women who's trying to be friends with her. Could you imagine how exhausting that was. Think about how many times like with me you and we say shit. That's not to say in passing. That's not meant to offend. Imagine if you had to be so conscious of your words every time. No i mean it would be exhausting. I also thought it was very telling of how bad of a place sutton was in this night because when sell comes in like texting sutton at the table like she's upset about it she sends about it and they're like absolutely not. We are taxing about the prank score. Was doing that from a place of love and protection to prove to say see sutton. You're just over thinking like don't worry about it so much and sutton snaps so hard ourselves saying like why would you bring attention to that like You know i. I didn't wanna talk about it with everybody garcia. Sell it again. I will say is her friend and ally in her alliance in the group so for her to snap oursel- and also in front of everybody. I was like she is really in a bad bad bad place tonight. Oh terrible place. It was very evident. I mean the thing is you would expect that once. She found that it was about the prank. That it would be. It would be over end of story problem solved. But it's very honestly concerning the level of insecurity there because to even think that people are texting about you obviously as an unsettling feeling to have that reaction to thinking that before you even now is really telling but the problem was even when she found out. I was like texting about the prank. She was still so offended about not being included in the prank. She's sitting there and makes everybody raise your hand if you were in on the prank. I'm the only one in. Kyle's like i didn't know car sales. Like i didn't know i figured it out like they don't care because they shouldn't care such silly stupid thing about water martinez like a prank. That i've literally done a middle school and sutton could not help herself. And that's crystals you are just a ridiculous human being after she's going on and on about the prank and the kicking in how she so offended in she was the only one purposely calculated left out which is not at all what happened and i think that was kind of crystals breaking point like she got up and left because she just like. I cannot handle somebody like that. I so got it to me. There were two people that stuck out in the scene crystal. Because i felt her on like a deep spiritual level her frustration about son's entire demeanor. And then second of all the person stuck out to me was kyle because she was. I guess the best we can put it is like she wasn't being lazy degree. Lisa garcia wasn't either but some of them they just didn't want to deal with sudden and kyle was willing to take it on herself and be like no as your friend. I need you to listen to me. you're overreacting. let's talk this through. You know she really wanted to get to the root of it. I think oursel- had tried and she wished shutdowns down. She was like fuck it. I'm not gonna even go there. But kyle as opposed to the rest of them was willing to really kind of deal with it head on even though it had nothing to do with her. Well i think kyle also felt like because she was not involved in the pranks she was coming from a little bit of a more neutral place and also her position was sutton is may better than some of the other women where her son get along and they are on good terms and kyle kind of has a more. I dunno empathetic relationship with her. So i think she was the perfect person to kind of quote. Take it on. I don't know how much progress they made. A mean always saw is like the to be continued of sutton going to crystals room to bring her jacket. Which is like weird. I don't understand that or the if it was a setup at crystals on the phone like showed about her attorney friend rightfully so saying like i do not understand what the fuck is going on on my first cash trip and i think they got into a weird thing there but the thing just literally the only way can describe it is weird. It was bizarre and it was. I'm sorry this was the type of situation where it wasn't negro shit it. This was really being overly sensitive again. It's sad that she felt this way. But also just because somebody's in a bad place it doesn't mean that the entire group who's on their trip needs to then adjust their dynamic and not do a funny prank. the brings everyone joy as not to offend somebody who is objectively being overly sensitive. Life doesn't work like that you can. Of course be kind in the way that you deal with the aftermath of it but to expected. They're not going to do something like that. Just because it makes you uncomfortable as off. Yeah it's it's a anything else you want. Imagine no. I loved this episode loved. It really loved. It really made up for what i was missing with new york. It was just great. It just took us on a journey and like journey. I like the highs and the lows and the glamour and it was great. Let us go. Don't advocate and we will come back with new york. This.

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