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Fox News. The family of 22 Year old Gabby potatoes boyfriend Brian Laundry, releasing a statement after police announced The discovery of a body in Wyoming thought to be the remains of Petito. The parents of Brian Laundry, released a statement through their attorney, It reads quote. The news about Gabby Petitto is heartbreaking. The laundry family prays for Gabby and her family. The North Port Police department, also releasing a statement this evening, saying, in part, it is quote, sadden and heartbroken to learn that Gabby has been found The cease this, of course, coming as long Force Mint desperately try to track down Brian, nearly half a dozen agency. These have zeroed in on the 25. 1000 Acre Carlton reserve. They spent the last two days navigating tough and muddy terrain with ATVs drones and canines, as police say he could possibly be a danger to himself boxes. Charles Watson law enforcement officials stopping short, though of confirming the body was that of Gabby Petito, but said he did match her description was found near her last known whereabouts. Senate Democrats getting hit with a crucial ruling regarding a push to change immigration law, the Senate's parliamentarian is blocking Democrats from using their $3.5 trillion spending package on immigration. This comes as a huge blow to President Biden and is a major setback to Democrats pushing to help immigrants gain permanent residency and potentially citizenship in the U. S. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says his party will pursue alternative proposals on their immigration foxes Anita Vogel that ruling on immigration coming as the U. S has started flying Haitians camp in Del Rio, Texas, back to their homeland. Three flights with 145. Passengers on each arrived in Porto, Prince and Haiti, said six other flights Were expected on Tuesday. Thousands are trying to enter the US America's listening to Fox News 99 years serving DFW Trending Now now on W B and W B com Can Jeffries from the preservation tree services? WP 24 7 news faster! Crash of a small military training judge just two miles away from Joint Reserve base Fort Worth injured both of its pilots Sunday morning, one an instructor, the other a pilot trainee. They both ejected before the aircraft hit the ground in a residential neighborhood. One pilots parachute got tangled in power lines on the way down and caught fire. He was taken in critical condition to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. The other is in Harris Methodist. The jet broke into at least two pieces as it fell, one of them landing in a backyard. Three homes were damaged. And three people on the ground. Sustained minor injuries. Steve Coming W B A P. 24 7 News. Republican Senator Ted Cruz continues to push back against President Biden's recent covid 19 vaccine requirements for private businesses. Cruz joined w P A. P s Rick Roberts, I've been vaccinated. My family has been vaccinated, but I also believe in individual choice and freedom. It's your damn decision whether or not to get vaccinated, and the president doesn't have the legal authority to force you or your family to make personal health care decisions. Just because he wants you to businesses are required to mandate the vaccine for employees or require weekly called the Testing. Governor. Abbott is polling behind actor Matthew McConaughey in a hypothetical matchup. The survey from The Dallas Morning News and UT Tyler shows McConaughey with a nine point lead over app it Although the actor has so far only entertained the Idea of running. And it's not clear what party he would represent. Abbott's approval rating has dropped to 45% after signing legislation such as a ban on mask mandates and a ban on most abortions. After six weeks. W B A P WEATHER sunny today and a high of 99 degrees right now it's 79 degrees at DFW from the W P A P news task. I'm Ken Jeffries, You're next update at 302 24 7 coverage..

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