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Debt forgiveness when it comes to student loan debt we'll talk to a lease about that i'm just back from a week in switzerland with a group of w._g._n. listeners we had the best time thanks to at least for filling in for me last week but just beautiful group beautiful country great weather i know dave and it's got a group in italy right now and there's one trip left that were just announcing for this year rokon anna devante will have a lot to talk about later today i would think but they are going to lead a group to london and that's an tober october third is departure the reason we bring it up is because it involves a big football game happening in london during that you can put the pieces together and find out information wgnradio.com i'll try to give you more a little bit later but we have to say hello jim donkey catherine davis the folks from chicago in back in the studio welcome back to both of you stay steve you behaved while i was going i'm sure it's great to have you back thank you it's great to be back the now i know that when we talk a little bit later with amy guth from the daily gist that she's going to talk about the safety recommendations coming out from the federal government i think about scooters but were of ten days into this cargo scooter experiment now and i've been gone if there'd been any horror stories well in chicago i don't think so i mean it's funny you say that i mean i think nashville i think is the city where they're actually pulling the scooters out after a fatality this a few weeks hasn't it has so it's going to it's going to be really interesting i think test case to see kind of how other cities address issues that comment because inevitably there will be problems with a brand new former transportation they haven't seen before right so they're going to be things that people have to figure out and one is going to be what happens after fatalities creek if i'm wrong but the victim there came out of a club or a bar jumped on scooter and went into an intersection i'm less familiar with the specific details a nashville just that the fact that they're thinking about playing amount catherine have you written one yet you're the one most likely to ride around here you're the city dweller not yet but i have seen them i saw them in the west loop actually the the weekend that they arrived in chicago and just based on what i've been seeing on twitter seems like people's biggest complaints is that people are writing them on the sidewalks and not in the bike lanes or in the streets where there they complained about the messengers bikes as well they were disappeared by internet i guess okay let's talk about i have a ghost bed at home my wife and i it was really cool we needed to do bed came into box we cut it open it expanded and then we flopped it onto our bed stand right and now this is happening with furniture as well that's right so you know all the mattress startups you're probably familiar with whether it's casper or at lisa or purple there's a startup called borough which is basically the casper but for couches they're doing the kind of ina box modular furniture delivery basically delivering sofas and chairs tear up to the same sort of thing that it's a foam piece of furniture so basically it comes all packaged up in a box it's all sort of modular but it's not necessarily fun key than it was but it's kind of a level up from sort of the price point and styles so basically what borough does is allow you to sort of shopping rather than lug a couch and a chair from the store they can get a delivered right in a box you put together when it comes to your home and they've recently opened a chicago brick and mortar shop okay so catherine it's been pointed out to me before that sometimes we're reinventing things that already exist isn't this like going to macy's and picking out a couch and having someone deliver it well it's a little different because i think you know they are able to get the price down so this is a cheaper alternative then like your typical furniture store and you know specially designed for city dwellers who you know are may not have access to your you know kind of furniture stores that might be out in the suburbs would make show rooms and then of course the delivery component really helps out okay that was i'm going to ask you the same question jim isn't this the same old thing so yes so one one thing that it's doing differently to is the ecommerce evil eye from from so it's similar in different right so i think the similarities yes like you can schedule a delivery once you go into these showrooms but what they're able to do is allow you a very very simplified delivery experience catherine was mentioning that you know this is making it as simple as possible you don't have to wait around for you know the delivery schedulers you don't have to do a lot of planning right this can literally sit on your porch before you get home from home in opening out of the box pop together and now you've got a couch you know it makes me think of we talked to the guy behind three kit a couple of weeks ago right and he's hollywood special effects and he's taken that to websites now we selling for crate and barrel and such if you want to buy a couch from crate and barrel where they can outfit with a thousand different fabrics and things like that you can see on your computer people who are shopping that way would be inclined to buy a couch from borough and have it delivered if they could have seen it fully yeah this sort of whole you know three dimensional visualization on websites is something that especially furniture makers are finding to be a huge asset when its selling stuff online and then we were buying a couch you know there might be thousands of different color and fabric and style options you can choose from so being able to kind of very specifically see what your future couch will look like what kind of help ease the pain of dropping a couple of grand on on a new piece of furniture you have been houston is the guy who designed software for special effects in movies and talked with us about his product i i don't know catherine you would you be willing to buy that or do you still i'm i'm older so i still think i need to see it in the store well i think as things like a are have really improved you can get a really great depiction of what product look lakes looks like online so yeah this is good right i think it's just you can but it's also just you know the people growing up buying things differently i'm not inclined to do but if that's if you grew up on your stuff with an amazon button you know you're more inclined to give it to give it a try i think when it comes to a couch i think so and i think you know a lot of these furniture makers a lot of companies to are being in a very forgiving with returns right letting you try so it's like giving you a window of time if is making is easy to make it easy to return exactly so that's drop it off at the u._p._s. officer things like that that's a big piece of that but you have been houston's backgrounds really fascinating you know he was working in special effects basically working with his his algorithms and software has been used in avatar in the adventures and harry potter series and basically every big major blockbuster that had a visual effects he's kind of been behind that now brought that to ecommerce i think he's out about oil annoy right yes so he he's got a really interesting background you know being able to have this office in canada and also here in here in chicago as well and to kind of really like grow this company they got a ten million dollar investment from goddard able who is the founder of g to crowd is a serial entrepreneur in chicago really saw that there was a big interest for this i was able to kind of blow this business up oh that's jim donkey catherine davis is here as well and we're going to go traveling with catherine but i look at the traffic.

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