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His car police norton say the student was operating a vehicle suspiciously they pulled him over they found five pounds of pot cocaine ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms inside jedidiah daniel from pennsylvania now being held pending his arraignment hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets of downtown st louis today after a white police former police officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black man this following a highspeed chase had two thousand eleven a judge found jason stockily not guilty of first degree murder and the killing of anthony smith smith's family attorney albert watkins says they are shocked at this verdict would be inappropriate for me to recoup my conversation with their more will tell you in worn word utilize year wild imagine asian losers to the highest level of us one word they were shocked it was the orange mutual one protester has been arrested now the head of the st louis chapter of the end aa cp is asking the president and justice department to review this acquittal wbz news time five twenty one some downpours had showers out and about this afternoon in fact we've seen just a few rain drops outsider studio otherwise it's mostly cloudy and seventy seven in boston the government response to hurricane urban has shifted from saving lives to beginning the long recovery process fema administrator brock long says progress is being made in getting people back into their homes about ten thousand floridians remain in emergency shelters nearly a million people across the state still without power and as relief efforts continue after erma and orlando football stadium has been converted to a national guard base university of central florida's rachel williams says the police were standing in right now is normally fine football sense trek area but this club suite at spectrum stadium is now a look gist accept for the florida national guard sergeant jason calibrate says they're processing and routing the incoming supply trucks from here and other states save your skin a little bit arrest in and they're back on the road again taking food water it help to the hardest hit areas as for football tomorrow's game with memphis has been rescheduled for the national guard can take care of business king cbs news with university of central florida in orlando mornings five a banner unfurled from the monster.

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