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Law. I gotTA. Tell you there's only two people on planter. That I'm jealous of. Sabrina Pittsbur- lane. No, it's not you too I. Mean you're great and all, but I'm not. I'm not jealous of you. Jealous of number one. What an endorsement Lin Manuel Miranda. I'm Joe, so I mean he's a guy. That one's worth being jealous of one of those people. Were you seem and you're like dude? I can't find a reason to hate you, but I would like to. He is at a point right now where he can just throw things out in the author and will get done if he wants to do something like They were doing the New Star Wars trilogy that they just finished up with rises skywalker, and when he heard that they were making a new star wars trilogies. Really would like to. Produce and right one of the CANTINA songs. Lin Manuel Miranda Cantina Song? He is so frigging talented in so many ways that you watch him and I, imagine being somebody who's a playwright who's trying to work on the next big Broadway show that is me so you go to watch this guy? Let's see what the competition is. Everybody's talking about this. Hamilton and you're watching. Go sort of. Like I have been working. Five years. Crumble at all on my rap musical about. Eve Really Boring one. Oracle figure oh about. Yours could be about. What's his name? Hurdle Muster? Humphrey Bogart who is the turncoat guy. that. They always viewed as a traitor. Benedict Arnold Yours could be all about Benedict Arnold. Thank you Fritz I and I'm GONNA be the. I'M NOT GONNA. Take my shy. GonNa be a trader, said sorry so talented, so he's number. One takes thick or my. Start about his name about the portly man. Heavy, the second person that I am just fundamentally, admittedly jealous of is a gentleman named David, raisch and I'm super. Jealous Maistre and you might not know who David Ratios and you'd go, Sean. Why would you be jealous of this random person? You're so good looking. You're so talented yours. Amazing and hilarious and ever this. Speech in front of the Mirror it I'd get halfway through and Gosh. Darn it people like me and say to you well. David Raisch may be the first person successfully vaccinated against Covid nineteen and In the United States, this guy has been part of one of the trials, and they said that they believe after doing some tests that he now has antibodies, and that he is now a immune now is the vaccine against covid nineteen, and despite all these fearmongering stories that you see, there's a lot out there. There was one today, and it's like old antibodies only lasts four months, and all these scare stories about being able to get covid nineteen over and over and over and over there is not one single case, or they have proven that somebody had covid nineteen was completely. Completely free and clear of it, and has tested positive again with covid nineteen. It's all been testing errors for the most part, so the likelihood is that the virus works like every other virus where you're able to. Once you have the antibodies maintain some immunity to the virus, for maybe one or two or three or however many years, which is enough to work with her immunity and other things this guy. He's got that vaccine and he's probably the first person that he couldn't get covid nineteen right now at even said he's like. It doesn't mean I'm GonNa go around looking doorknobs. was that the first thing that crossed through your mind nowadays entertainment. You just you put yourself in danger zone for all like somebody's coughing across the room. When you go right up to their phase, you block someone else who has not been given the Vaccines Trust me. This is no harm to me whatsoever. I am pretty much like Angel! We've talked about this before, but do you think we're really getting to the point? Where in the world of dating? Having Cova antibodies is going to start being like a serious thing like if you're on your profile like look, you would if you were positive. I have covert antibodies or whatever because now you, you're dating, somebody and you're like well. We're GONNA up and this person hasn't had an I. have had it and I feel like now that it's up to the APP. Yep should offer. They want people to use a free rapid tests. With your first date right or don't you think they should allow places if you could somehow prove it if you if you have a antibodies pass, you got a card or they've put a stamp on your driver's license Sean. Come on beat. You don't think that the chips that they're installing to our brains. Come with the scandal kind of like a key. Automated allows you in as you walk through the door. The Slam your face. Scans your your face chip. And and it lets you know that you have antibodies, and like you can open up freely for people with antibody, so I think that would be interesting if they started to do that. And you could have all of a sudden society split in this weird way that almost brings you back into the separate, but equal civil rights. Jim Crow stuff where you'd have. You'd have well listen to me before we react NYC no. Anti, like what's nobody's allowed? You'd have places where you. If you have antibodies you go here and if you don't, you can't go at all. I guess or you can go to this other place, and it splits society I'm not downplaying Jim, Kelly I think it's really like something that starting to happen. Now that so many people have gotten this. I will not be surprised if even before that. You're going to see places like restaurants where it's like. Are you massacre anonymous smoking and nonsmoking right? Yeah, and I was talking to. You know folks that are locally owned restaurants. They're adjusting their I. Guess Putting on. Notifications to see when the next Florida announcement will be nonchalant. It will have to get to the point because there are people who are wearing their masks, they go and follow all the rules, but then you have a drunk regular was like. Oh, we're! GonNa. Call everywhere and. If that regulars show up every single day then. How did these restaurants like even keep afloat a little bit? Yeah, it's got to be so frustrating to have these people i. was talking the other day about how I saw this group of thirtysomethings come in, and they're all young and healthy, and then have a care in the world and the level of selfishness. There is not just about you and your health. It's about the businesses that you're going into. You're going into the business and you're screwing things up for people who look around and see what kind of behavior is going on. The hand sanitizer yawn is happening again with. Separatist puts on the handset. Of. It's rude to the people who own these establishments, and it's socially clueless people as The other day according and I went to go grab a drink and they space everybody out now. Nobody's got to wear masks and stuff. And when you sit down, they wipe everything down with a disinfectant wipes starting to feel like all right. This makes sensors good airflow from outside coming in a lot of good things are happening, and I'm already kind of stickler about like keeping my hands clean and not touching my face as best. I possibly can't. But the guy that comes in and sits near US old guy. And I keep looking at these guys. You're covert Bateman. What are you doing? You should be really worried about this. When they look at the little checklist of things, you probably have three of them all these pre-existing conditions and your old. It's not good for you to be doing this and he leans against the bar. And he.

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