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Owners along. College avenue are doing Kurt darling. Reports there are mixed views among business owners along the red line route. But Meridian Kessler neighborhood association director, Chelsea Marburger tells wish TV that at this point the conversation shouldn't be about whether you love it or hate it. It's happening. And we wanted to be able to kind of change that narrative in a positive way to be able to spot our businesses, which is why she has printed up over two thousand blue pins with the hashtag committed to college avenue on them. She hopes they will remind customers that businesses affected by Redline. Construction are still open Kirk darling. Ninety-three WIBC mobile news. Congress didn't start illegal immigration, but they should be doing a lot more to stop. It says congressman Jim banks. Chris Davis reports. President Trump says he's giving Mexico a year to fix the problem from their side banks tells FOX business. Congress has had a lot longer than that. This is a president. He's been pushed into a position where he has to take drastic actions because congress has refused to do. So Bank says he's still not sure what Trump means by shutting down the border a threat that he's now backed off of Chris Davis, Ninety-three WIBC mobile news, a man who works closely with President Trump. Vice President Mike Pence was in Lebanon yesterday to discuss a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. We've negotiated a good deal president's done his work. Now, it's time for congress to do their work. And we're very confident that our partners in Canada and Mexico will live up to the agreement. They're prepared to ratify. The America's got a lead. He says he's working every day to expand agricultural products. But farmers told Pence they may have to sell their farms if something doesn't change soon when it comes to trade with our allies North America south bend mayor Pete Buddha. Judge used the phrase all lives matter in a state of the city address back in two thousand fifteen now he's saying he shouldn't have said that actually.

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