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I don't wanna get into Mexico and MLS because their their world. Oh, but it's speed worlds apart in many different facets, but a win to their comments about where they see the Mexican league to save the right rela and its relatives MLS in this. Let's let's one second MLS to make comments about league amac is being a top seven league in the world, right? In blindly say, or this is what it is. I mean, you've, let's let's go really quickly. Okay, premier, no specific order. Let's just go get the five big in Europe start there. Okay. Five digging your Premier League LA Liga Bundesliga area French league. K. right then you're gonna throw in a Portuguese league. Probably. You gotta remember, there's some really, I mean, this is really minutia, but there's some really, really small clubs at the bottom of the Portuguese per minute. Have you. Bruce? Yes, I totally better. Cruise has a pretty significant payroll, even though they're rap. Bring it on like thirty nine, foreigners. You've got to pay those guys will have to pay them. Sure. If you never pay the players, then you right. Holland. Again, I don't know how much share the Dutch league van Russia and we Russia see, here's where I don't know. I don't know. That's what I'm saying. You can't just blindly say league. Right, totally, totally sure. Just like you can't say blindly. It's worse. You can't say it's better than those three leaks because I could lump in five leagues that I could say to are there because in many different leagues around we haven't even talked about South America and exactly Brazil, Argentina or Zil in many different leagues around the world. Mexico is seen as an exotic location just like MLS seen as an exotic. Right, right. What do you think drew the BG knacks over or what do you think drew, you know who else on what hasn't drawn these other players over? Right. So it's just the the train of thought, right. That is that is that a manager working in in league mukisa somehow functioning on a professional level, much higher than a manager working in MLS. That to me is just fraudulent. No. And very just it these guys, no way more no more about football than I do. The kids know this. They know this stuff is fake, come on. There's no chance that a serious coach that coaches in Mexico sees it Lanta and not things how that's that's something I don't want to be a part of, no, no, no, no, or think about it or that even crosses mind. This is I have to seriously think about this serious coach in Mexico, wouldn't see that team and be like, I don't wanna play them in a competitive game with rolling other play MLS. That's why Joseph Martinez says, this is wanted me. This goes guys, you don't think I'm medico would love to have Justin Martinez now is their frontline guy. I mean today today today they would take a long long are the years where many of South Africa venues, you know, eat this. Yeah. You're saying having players of that kind of global elite level. I'm just that goal scored that you know that Gary Joseph would be as close to that is. In awhile, different conversation. Anything else from the show stay out to you? There was so much kind of craziness, but I just think the general sentiment of looking down their nose at dot com. Martino really, I was just taken aback by it, not not surprise, but it was surprise. I wasn't surprised, but I but it was the the hot air in that room was extra hot, an extra airy last night. So it's spill conversation. It's still a hop on top of you. I'm going to go on sportscenter right now in about an hour, and that's, that's the guy like that. Talk about, we're going to talk about that and why? Why they don't feel he's worthy this because because it really is. And you said it this show influences. Yeah. Operation. To my cousin about MLS and he literally parrots there you go what these guys say. My cousin lives in Mexico City dot. He watches begun. Everybody watches gun not only in Mexico, Atlanta America. It's show Mexican. Soccer is a thing in Latin America, and this is why Costa Rica..

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