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Talks greg postel every dude on and deger every week is he's the great earlier wednesday and if l films matchup show on espn is absolutely great in sao paulo and admittedly they cools you on everything all of us great perfect he judges courtesy to we guess i'd how are you you know leading into me i guy heard everything about robotic here taking its edmond for me or what i i think it's just a coincidence i think it's fowdie i wish i had to take a very personal no i'd i i've seen on tv the you a great ally y k day believe me they will put me on tv they put me on like one or two times though oh at o'hare odd lambing i'm kinda of are more for content and love it but i appreciate that yeah and all right i i wanna start with brian hoyer in in this way not anything about accuracy or anything that's going to tell me about brian hoyer in the pocket because to me he looks like a rookie back there sometimes is his eyes go down quickly i just he doesn't look like a veteran guy sometimes in the pocket harding's oil uncomfortable right now and i think even he would tell you that he not clean particularly well i think that he is playing a little faster which normally means that you feel pressure when it's not really they are you perceive it and then you react accordingly and in the nfl it pressure is is is one of those objective terms uh but in the nfl you.

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