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The gang is all here. Melissa's here. Greg's here. Deb's here. Nick's here. We're here here. It's so exciting. You know, it's interesting. I Don't talk to you guys over the Great Lakes. It felt like something was wrong. I know everyone needs a break and coming back. I just want to say it's so great to see your face is so nice. It's a well deserved break in. I'm glad everyone's here. Me too. It's all all good. You know, Tony Benn Ax here, too, is a matter of fact. Tony's down in Kenosha. They're gearing up for a charging decision related to the police officer who shot Blake down in Kenosha. Tony, What's it like down there? They boarding up. Are they nervous? What's the energy like? Actually, Ed, So it's unclear what exactly the charging decision will be handed down by the many businesses. If you walk up and down here downtown, lot of them, boarding up windows, boarding up their doors, lot of plywood being put up on windows and a lot of people, they say they are hoping for the best. It has been relatively peaceful in these past few months, but they after what they've experienced in August, it stopped for some of them. Tow potentially have to live through this again. I would say it's definitely deja vu from what they experienced before. I guess. Are they preparing any differently this time? Or pretty much the same. But as of right now, they still don't know when the specific decision will be handed down, so they're just taking any kind of precautions they can by getting it up. Now there will be the Blake family is holding a press conference a little bit later this afternoon before March and candlelight vigil at the Red Cross and Civic Center park. So our knowledge is kind of a wait and see thing, but they're trying to get ahead of it as best they can. WTMJ is Tony Bedrock will check in with him throughout the afternoon..

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