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So check in with us tomorrow too and stay safe out there my friend are thank you Mike we'll talk our body the great ray Markham right there captain ray Markham we got captain Mario Castillo a good friend Albert grabber we're going to get a south shore anglers report as well hopefully we'll hear from you guys your questions comments rich or poor you're free to bring them right here one eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two again that's one eight hundred nine six nine nine three five two let's look without got a wide ABC news radio special report the corona virus the rapid use of coronavirus cases in the U. S. continues there were more than one hundred four thousand across the nation as a Friday night over seventeen hundred people have died from cove it nineteen New York represents nearly half of the number of cases in the country other hot spots include New Jersey California Washington Michigan and Massachusetts on a positive note nearly nine hundred people have recovered from the respiratory illness and detecting corona virus in just five minutes the FDA has approved emergency use of a new test kit by Abbott the company plans to make fifty thousand a day and start delivering to healthcare providers next week this is actually their second corona virus.

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