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So that stuff doesn't sustain either. So it's an interesting I don't know, I wonder, I wonder about your skepticism. It's good that you've identified it. I suppose you can be on the watch for it, but yeah, I think that Tyler weighed just needs to change teams now. Yes. Oh my God. Now that we have Taylor ward establishing himself, at least so far is one of the best hitters in baseball. I have to double check. Every time. Every time the mistake in this segment, it's possible that I did. Hopefully Dylan has been listening. We'll alert me if I did. But the Tyler weighed Taylor ward on the same roster, that's just too much. I mean, you have your Tyler Alexander's and your Tyler Anderson's and just generally way too many tylers in the majors right now, but if they're not on the same team or in the same lineup, I can deal. But Tyler wade and Taylor ward in the same lineup. That is unacceptable to me. And at this point, we have a King of the Hill, and I think Taylor ward has laid claim to this name this general Taylor weighed Tyler ward's nope, I got it backwards, Tyler wade, Taylor ward, adjacent, name combination, there can be only one is what I'm saying in clearly its tailored word, not Tyler wade. Can I say that I think that your confusion stretched so far that it made you mash up Brandon marsh and Jared Walsh's did I do that too? I think as well. I think you might have and that doesn't even count. So we have Jared Walsh and we have Chad wallach. Yeah. We just need a greater, we need fewer W's, I think, is the thing. It's like how the a's max muncy should just, it should be like the screen actors guild. Like, you know, sorry, but someone else in the union already has that name. You've got to throw your middle initial in there. Yes. All right, I've got a few emails here and I'm going to defer to you on this one because uniforms are not my forte. So this is a question from Diego from Brazil, who says, should baseball be done with great uniforms. As a kid growing up in a country with no baseball tradition, I always thought it was one of the most boring foreign sports in no small part because of the gray uniforms visiting teams often were. In association football far and away the most popular sport where I grew up, one would expect teams to wear contrasting colors if only for the benefit of people with visual impairments of some kind or those with black and white TVs. Ever since properly getting into baseball, I've come to understand the whole tradition behind the travel graze, but it still seems to be the most boring aspect of the sport, and yet another example of it clinging to traditions that no longer serve any purpose as a way of testing this impression, I asked my neighbor's daughter a 7 year old also more accustomed to football, which he thought of baseball uniforms only to be met with exactly the same reaction. They look cool, but the gray ones are boring, she said. In an era where everything about the sport seems in flux, wouldn't at least be a branding advantage to get rid of the visual drabness of travel graze also are there any uniform changes you would like to see implemented in MLB. I think that the travel grays are pretty done to death. I think I agree. I think we should go further than that though. I mean, the grays. Sometimes the gray is a nice, if the team is only wearing, say, a gray top or a gray bottom, and then they have another contrasting color. Sometimes it can be nice like it lets that brighter color really pop. You can get it. It can go pop. But I think that the bigger problem is all the blue and red. You know, the gray is its own, is its own battle to fight. But I think that the bigger issue is that we have so much blue and so much red, and it's the same blue, and it's the same red. And so sometimes you have, you have all this blue in this red, and we could have, there are so many other colors, Ben. There's a whole wheel. I got a whole color wheel. You know, I saw the a's play the Astros sometime recently that they did that. I don't know. And you have like, you know, you have the nice green and then.

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