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But we are United in our belief that people are capable of far more than they realize and leadership is always the catalyst the secret sauce. To go from what is to something that is better in terms of education for the past thirty five years since a nation at risk. We've all been bemoaning educational performance in our own country. And how we're lagging in terms of the rest of the world. You have a perspective as a businesswoman. As somebody who's run for public office to be able to see that we have really not made very much progress on this that issue talk about why you think that such a big challenge. The business community has been calling for this for decades. And we haven't really gained any traction. Now, you know, one of the things that I think it's important to be realistic about is the power of the status quo. Whatever the system is even when it's deeply unsatisfying and everybody knows it the system the status quo is very powerful the status quo in education is very powerful dislike the status quo in politics is very powerful. And the reason the status quo is all. Always powerful because because people are invested in it. There are so many vested interests not to mention political alliances around the status quo and education in order to solve education. We have to realize how powerful that status quo is. And I think as President Bush tried to do wanted to do when he came into office. We have to go back to first principles. And I think the first principle is the student is who we ought to be focused on the student is who we ought to be focused on principle number one principle number two. We cannot afford to leave any student behind our nation requires all of us would be better off if we were lifting more students up and equipping them and preparing them to be productive problem solvers in their lives and number three the resistance that is encountered Israel. It's. Powerful. And so we need powerful change warriors on the other side. It's why I happen to think charter schools while not perfect are part of that lever because they provide choice, and they put parents more in charge. But all the way back to your previous question about what makes me optimistic. So a place where the status quo was incredibly powerful, California. Incredible vested interests a group of parents banded together. In sued their local school board, and the teachers unions took them on those parents one in court, and what they were suing for was give us a choice when our kids school is failing. Wow, how fundamental if that happened in California that can happen in a lot of places. The other thing that you're doing to unlocked potential things is little interesting is that you're you're launching a podcast, and we were talking a little bit before about. So your first guests such as baron. Davis was not someone you would expect. How how did that? To happen. Well, what I wanted to do to the point of what am I after mystic about what I want to do through this podcast is to show people the leaders that are all around us because we do get so focused on fame and controversy and people with big titles and positions. When there are leaders all around us all the time and the truth is there are leaders problem. Solvers people who are changing the order of things for the better in every walk of life baron. Davis has happens to be an incredible leader in problem-solver most people who know him know him from basketball, but these folks are all over and speaking of unexpected we're looking for a little bit of an unexpected answer where we ask some of our guests this question. What is no one talking about that we should be talking about? I think what no one is talking about. And so honestly, I've started talking about it that we should be talking about is the role and the power that each of us as citizens have we started with a question about democracy in this country. The citizen is sovereign. Not a president not a government on a congressman not a mayor the citizen is sovereign. And I think as citizens we have spent way too much time looking up to somebody else..

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