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Here's Wendell African America. Evidence and facts he. User minor issue unless it fist in lefty narrative, the ABC is super critical trump using Democrat evidence. Of course they attacker support attacks on conservative women. Including the indigenous women conservative government with his closet lefties, which is what we have to. Know you closet? LEFTIES which caused trouble are cowards and do not do anything. Despite being constantly attacked by presenters, I will let you guess on where the ABC sit and report on the current protests, black lives, matter and Antifa Australia yes, not organized, but there's an antique Australia anyway so. is also black lives matter it's. It's not. It's no longer about American. A WHITE COPS killing black American, people. Now it's all local. Now it's all local. Nancy Nichols is next list three thirty. We hit by way our list top heavy today. We want to thank everyone for helping us to three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents in Waco Texas. Donations did well without Karen involved. Thank you and keep doing what you do to keep us educated and informed shadow to my amazing boyfriend dawn. Who introduced me to the Texas Chili Parlor and no agenda. He fights bullshit every day on many fronts that inspires me to do. The same sounds like a great Guy Nancy. Thank you very much for a supporting the the work here. Three thirty, three, thirty, three also comes in from sir, sir. Lay, oh! Lay Ron Doth Fan. In dothan Alabama is that right Bama. Yao, but is its name of a town his last name I have. Maybe or maybe he calls himself I think a Sir Sir. His. Name! -gratulations. Thanks for the informative and entertaining show suits plague peaceful protests before desert more fire. L.. I. On this show quite a bit. Counter thoughts to the sinked media information in depth. The material referenced. My only request is jobs Karma for the many needing work. That's very kind of you. Server layer in Dothan in Alabama Bob's jobs, jobs and jobs that's. Karma. This note from Sean and Joel. I do I have. Here and you can tell I have. It doesn't make noise when it sounds legit. Sean and Joel. Edgerton in Bisbee Arizona three, thirty, three, thirty, three I'm currently dictating this letter to my plasma hot wife. Because I can't type for shit besides giving her credit for typing skills. She also hit me in the mouth. She hit him in. The mouth is day we met Nice. For years ago, we're firm believers in the couple that no agendas together stays together. We need a D. douching. You got it. Do early dose. Our first donation of the best podcast. My plasma hot wife May need a bigger douching. How you do that as she has been listening, says day one POOF, my life would call my wife. Basically, the dudes married to us now if she's been listening to us from day one, it's like glaring in bed with curry and divorce. There's no doubt about it. It's gotta be a fantastic experience. For, some. And you need them rocket teeth. My wife would like to call out Zack in Alaska as a Douche bag. Them in the mouth seven years ago and is yet to donate. We're founders and operators, successful nonprofit consignment store in Bisbee that supports our local homeless shelter and recovery. House if you've never been to Bisbee, we highly recommended. Be Prepared to immerse yourself dimension, be when visiting and be careful not to bump into the overly swollen as they are ramp in our hippie border town. We're hosting the first. Bisbee Arizona meet up on June twenty I wanted to serve. Mutton and made, but I'm not sure what mutton is is lamb. Mutton is is. Is, is is mature lamb. Sir Plus Land. And thinks it's the opposite of veal. It's the opposite of veal. Lamb veal and mutton is like. Beef, but it stinks and when you cook it. It's things to house, right. And he doesn't anyone who brews meet, so it's Tacos into Coty. anyways, as indicated by my plasma hot reference, my wife is huge sci fi net in her honor can I please have the following jingles so i? Can't really we'll rocket. Base Force Pew Pew and the Thera- men with a Goat Karma. That's not too bad show that's. Space for Hugh Pugh, and Theorem in with the with the and you should have ceremony at the ready. I know you don't always at the ready space force saying close, please finding donation we. Thought. Card, out just for you John Joy Glitter. The glitter card got. No. And by the way you guys do your own accounting, so you can split this donation anywhere you want and do. They want a Karma as well or just the Space Karma Karma Space Force. You may read the next few. I look up Jennifer's E, Jesse Schaffer from Stuart. Florida says in the morning. Gents I've been a listener to for close to a year. Now you've taken me from being a burner liberal at this be E. R. N. E. R. as in Bernie. Into understanding how things actually work in less than a year. That's like thirty thousand. Dollars College Education right there yeah I am extremely grateful for the media deconstruction. You bring an eagerly. Await, eat release. We love releasing to you I also greatly enjoy every show on the livestream. Shoutout to that Larry Show grumpy. Old Ben's Nick, the rat course that's no agenda stream dot com, the value for value model has settled it for me and I can't stand any of the shows. I used to listen to due to the constant ads in the middle of an important topic. I look for. The best has got to be Ben Shapiro will just be talking with you like this, and all of these has golf. Do you have gold, gold? Very jarring very jarring. Useless ads. I, look forward to becoming Sir Schaefer night of Stuart. Florida in the coming months I would like to call out Cameron H of Austin. Minnesota that is as Douchebag as he has been listening since twenty seventeen hit me in the mouth. I've also requested douching for myself. I and From close jobs car will be greatly appreciated as my company has cut my salary, benefits and bonuses based on bullcrap covert projections despite us being busier than ever those bastards and if they got I, don't know how big your company is, but with a pay check protection program. They shouldn't be doing that in fact. I think I think there's legalities, but it may be a very big company but Jesse. Thank you so much, and of course we've got We've got a little bit of trump. Lucy Jobs Karma for you. This would be the ones. Jobs jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs that's..

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