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The second overarching question is how to prevent developing countries from becoming permanent greenhouse for the variants. Some of which will be more dangerous and inevitably make their way around the planet the ethical case for assisting poorer nations with vaccination is of course compelling and underpins the covid nineteen vaccines global access or kovacs scheme by the end of twenty twenty. One kovacs aims to if administered two billion doses. His pope francis in august weighing in to make this moral case territory. It would be sad. If the rich are giving priority for the cogan nineteen vaccine would be sad. If this vaccine became the property of this that nation it is not universal and for everyone but the achievement of this objective is not just an altruistic goal successful vaccine rollouts in the developed nations will not stop the virus mutating elsewhere high case rates. Remember a what. The virus loves best as it itches to mutate and it is not fussy about where on the surface of the planet. It does so in principle. This is common ground. You will often hear it said by ministers public health officials in their counterparts around the world that nobody is safe until everyone is safe. Here in the united kingdom the birthplace of epa jenna pie. The world's first vaccine we are determined to do everything in our power to work with our friends across the un to heal divisions to heal the world so much for the statements of fine intent. The fact remains that one hundred thirty countries has still not received a single vaccine days. Seventy five percent of vaccines administered so far have been confined to ten countries at the science technology. Select committee meeting last week. The scottish nationalist. Mp carol monaghan pressed nadeem zaha we the vaccine deployment minister on this very point. I think our interest is the world's interests which is to protect as many people as rapidly as possible. Obviously our priority has to be any party has to be the safety and protection of its own citizens and that's exactly my focus and the team's focused on both supply and deployment but nevertheless it is equally. Which why it was. The inception of the backseat toss was the remit was both a. You're secure the vaccines the uk but also think about and secure and help the rest of the world of because until everybody safe The the virus will continue to spread. And that's why so important. Which is why the prime lead on this at the g. Seven as well. You can feel the hallways squirming between two positions on the one hand. The absolute priority of vaccinating uk citizens on the other the strategic pointlessness of doing so unless the rest of the world is vaccinated to at this the fact that developing nations may end up with vaccines unused by richa countries. That quickly made redundant or at least less potent by variants. The wealthy nations use the reengineer jobs. The less affluent have to make do the leftovers and me downs with the result. That even more mutations may arise in their territories in the end the distinction between domestic and foreign strategy against kobe is a false dichotomy. It's one single campaign fought on countless terrains. In bewildering variety of ways populist governments hate this they hate uncertainty. they like simple answers to complex questions. They wanted to get brexit done and they did now. They want to get covid done and see the vaccine as the means of doing so except that one of the defining characteristics of lethal virus perhaps the defining characteristic is uncertainty and unpredictability. Along corona virus has not yet mutated in such a way that it escapes vaccine protection and there is no intrinsic reason to think that it is going to bought it might. That's the point and that's what everybody involved in the campaign against covid has to behave as if it is going to happen. This is how professor wendy barclay of imperial college. London put it the same select committee meeting. I don't think we will see a complete escape. I think that what we will see is that we'll see a gradual loss vickers e and at some point. We will need to make a decision. About how low does that miss much go before. We need to update the vaccine at a time. When ministers instinct to waive the british flag and talk of businesses reopening families reunited and summer holidays. This is a tough constraint to accept they yearn to make unconditional promises inc release dates indelibly into the calendar and get the country ready for the party of the century. But they can't they just. Can't this vicious virus lost the battle of the vaccine but has not yet conceded defeat in the war. It has unfinished business with humanity and will haunt us all the frenzied sleepless forces of evolution to come out on top even now in the us investigating the latest stunt pulled by this tiny serial killer a recombination event whereby two variants of joined forces the kentish version and a new californian flavor to form a specially mutated hybrid. It's too early to say if this synthesis is responsible for the recent spike of cases seen in los angeles but the discovery of the first recombination of covid nineteen isn't a happy omen or does it might sound most of the government figures. I spoke to in preparing the story. Steered me towards realism. They know that the vaccine is a big success story but they've learned to fear complacency the hard way in the words of one cabinet minister. I feel bad about this but there are times when i want to warn people not to get too cheerful too soon. The jab is a miracle but it's not the end the story he's right. The mutants is still.

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