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Said we are able to totally reconfigured this interchange with no more than a forty five hour closure to state highway sixty now it was determined that the sharp curves in the roadway of i twenty five near colorado fifty six. Well that's indeed the most dangerous part of the inner change this according to that informational brochure referenced. Earlier due to the safety issue the interchange will indeed be flipped and the curve will be realigned to re to reduce the prospect of dangerous driving conditions nother mobility hub and berthod is also being added near i twenty five and colorado fifty six now eventually once more funding is obtained. Construction will start on the second section. A segment six. This is from me to berthod. Overall segments six is about twenty percent complete and total. all of the segments involved in improvements will be completed by the end of twenty twenty three and the beginning of twenty twenty four. It'll be here before you know it. Currently the full interstate project is about thirty to thirty five percent. Complete this according to geisler. So what can we anticipate this summer. Well you can pretty. Well expect impacts along i twenty five from fort collins all the way down to me to include. Us thirty four and prospect road will ship traffic to those newly constructed bridges eventually. A frontage road will permanently closed off a portion from colorado sixty two larimer county road fourteen and from switzerland fourteen to character a road to realign i twenty five larimer county road twenty close for installation for the new great western bridge between the colorado fifty six interchange and lerma county road sixteen the installation of girders for the new bridges on the interstate. A will commence from lamoure county road fourteen to colorado fifty six paving of the northbound shoulder of the well. That's that's going to happen. It's the thing in late july or early august. Colorado fifty six over twenty five will be closed for one hundred and forty days as construction workers straighten the curve of the interstate and align colorado fifty six to run under it shared file quoted in this piece by morgan kenzi and the greeley trip saying that cdot receives funding for these projects. Fourteen years earlier than expected. He's told a status well. Multiple surrounding cities within weld lerma counties contributed funds. Us department of transportation also granted cdot funding for these projects. About six hundred million dollars is going into the fort collins to johnstown segments and three hundred million dollars is going into the johnstown to berthod segment with a quick funding and being fourteen years ahead of the game. Construction is taking over the interstate for the next few years. Yes because cdot has to cram so much work into so little time. Although it'll be beneficial in many ways when we finally reached the end of this construction process just be prepared to experience impacts along these corridors until early twenty twenty four according jared file cdot region for communications manager. No it's not just this summer but honestly through twenty twenty. Three said he can't drive. I twenty five like you always used to and again something that we have come to be quite familiar with. Are those lane shifts. Well you can expect a lot more of those lane chipsets. Jerod files said. A lot of alignment changes are anticipated to happen on almost a weekly basis this as an.

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