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He was engaged by time, Manny argued, he got tossed out of the game. What did you make of that whole situation? I'm just wondering, buster, you imagine if this would have been the last inning, the 9th inning in a tide game or they were down by one with a runner at third. I think right now, Major League Baseball, I think the empire is sending a message still. Yeah, what we did in spring training, we will there and continue to do during the regular season because we're on a clock. It's just like that shot the timer when it was set in the NBA in 1954. It was done to create action. We're Major League Baseball is created action. The numbers are there to back it up at least in this first week. They're there to back it up at the minor leagues. Throughout the last year from 2021 to 2022. So right now, I think this is another message that is being sent to the Lee to the league to the players, letting them know that if you're going to ask for time, do it before the 9 second mark, if you get into the gray area, there won't be an umpire that we'll call it. There might be another one that won't. It's definitely depends on each umpire. But I don't think we'll have these issues come August, September, and in October. We're seeing these now in August. And in April. And just like the transfer rule we saw at one point just like we saw gently rule the posey rule. There are so many others around the bag that we're not seeing that much of an issue anymore. I think, but at the beginning we did, I think this is going to fall into the same trend, especially veteran empires that aren't used to these new rules going out and doing it just like Larry van over did it the other day at our loan depot park with the mets and Marlins just like we saw yesterday with the D backs and the Padres. So clarify if you can, what is Machado expected to do when it comes to calling a timeout in that situation? Expected to do, make sure you do it before that 9 second mark. Yes, the hitter has to be a tentative and engaged at the 8 second mark, but don't wait for the 8 second mark. It's at the 9 second mark that you can ask for time at the 8 second mark, the empire will have the ability to do what he just did like Ron culpa did. It's a gray area, a little bit there, but if you, as a hitter, don't want it to be gray. All the time before the 9 second mark. Yeah, and I think that that's probably what Manny walked out of there thinking. And I kind of wonder if Ron culpa and you know I'm in a way that I don't. I know him say hi. If he walked away from that, see it saw the replays. Nash, maybe I should have had some more latitude. What do you think? And another thing that people are looking at is the hand, right? As a hitter, when you're in the box, even when there was no time in baseball, you would call time before you raise your hand. So you step into the box or you're fixing your batting gloves and you're saying time time. And then you're raised your hand. So you go time time, then you raise your hand. So we're not sure. We have to look and see if there's a camera angle that at the 9 second mark. Manny Machado did ask for time because he even said it publicly, I asked for time and it just wasn't given to me when he thought it was at the appropriate time. Yeah. You asked for time unless you're Derek Jeter. You remember how he would always step into the box and he would raise his hand and it was Andrew mccutcheon who pointed out to me that he doesn't actually ask for time. He just raises his hand. With the expectation that everyone's going to wait for him. I know, right? All right, so after almost a week full week of the pitch clock rules, the new rules, what do you make of it? What are you hearing? After the week, you know, the players are loving it. The players are really engaged. They love that they're off their feet earlier. They love

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