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How you doing tonight sir. Doing great michael doing great love to hear it No special guests night mostly because there's no football this weekend it's the league wide kind of preseason. The bye week before week one. Jeffrey and i are gonna get into a little bit more funds steals show. Of course this has been a very busy week especially for your pittsburgh steelers and of course around the nfl. So if you've been consuming this information like i've been It's it's been one of those insane weeks across the nfl landscape but I guess really kick things off. There's a ton of news today but maybe we should start off the show on a positive note. Pittsburgh steelers signed curl joseph The former first round. Pick of the oakland raiders. Former cleveland brown. Back to the raiders gets cut. He signed to the practice squad but after his sixty corn teen is expected to make the fifty three man roster. Jeffrey what are your initial thoughts on curl. Joseph the new safety slash linebacker slash Swiss army knife is a mike tomlin described. Traynor would well. What are your thoughts on the pittsburgh. Steelers news player. I've liked carl. Carl joseph is coming out of college. He's he's not quite the player he's had some injuries but getting him to the practice squad get him for like you know nothing claiming him claiming off waivers even just signed him like a cheap deal. This is kind of a thing. And i i like the signing. I like the you know giving a guy with that kind of pedigree that kind of experience in the nfl because he was a good player when he was healthy. I like it. I like bringing them on board in this in any way affects the status of terrell edmonds. Could he pushed him for his spot. I don't think so. No if you look up what karl. Joseph is like even last year. He he can't. He's not a coverage guy like he was not a coverage guy when he came into the league his injuries of made him significantly less of coverage guy. So i don't. I don't see him being a threat to really any of the main. Any of the main safeties are defensive backs because he's just not that he's not that guy. It is pretty interesting. How will the steelers use him. Then in your opinion what what can spot should we expect in the lineup at will planning special teams which we expect out of Joseph they call. It was the plate special teams in oakland. I wouldn't doubt that he could is good tackler. I actually think. Karl joseph is a good candidate to get the marcus allen treatment. The like play some linebacker here I think he could get work in dime against certain teams. I don't think he's a deep safety kind of guy. I e you can use them in joan zone but he was always good in more of a linebacker or robber type zones those type zones. He was always better at that. That's where he got his interceptions that's made most of his plays so for me. I think he is a candidate to fill marcus allen death linebacker role And maybe get in on some some interesting some packages now jerry. Dulack was the man who broke the news that curl joseph not only signing the team. But it's expected to come up to that fifty three men roster after quarantine period in that scene tweet. He mentioned the pittsburgh. Steelers are more likely still going to add another defensive back They really haven't addressed that nickel corner spot. Arthur led of course. He signed back to the team today after the steelers play. Some guys i are. We'll get to that but it seems like there's still a a fairly substantial hole on that on that nickel corner spot. Do you expect them to still bring someone in because right now the way. You look at the roster. It doesn't seem like there's that guy and it looks like there's a number of free agent. Second i would. I expect them to pursue somebody one of my favorite mos interesting things about this. Preseason is that aside from cameron sign right. Outside of cameron sudden every single player they have put in the slot in like early in the game is listed as a safety or a linebacker because these are the guys these are the guys that have played in nickel or dime in the slot early on in any of the preseason games should antoine junior. They listed him as a safety. Arthur millette they listen to him. As a safety miles. Killebrew played there. They list him is a linebacker. Marcus allen has played in the slot he's listed as a linebacker and traynor norwood who is listed as a safety so it's three safeties and linebackers Which i find interesting because the steelers are always grabbing these kind of hybrid players and using them. Safeties guys like a make. Patrick where people are like is this guy. Linebacker is he. Is he a cornerback. Like what is like these guys that can play all those positions but don't really fit one perfectly. The steelers love collecting them. We've got a whole slew of them and they're trying them at the nickel spot. So i'm going to be very interesting to see if they do sign someone you know. What type of player they sign. But i'm also interested if they're unable to upgrade the position at all and how they will play the dime role. You know the the nickel slot because it's clear to me for what they were doing. Preseason they are really still looking for that kind of safety who can play in in the nickel or dine. Defenses and inside corner yahoo just the way this roster is being constructed. I would also assume that a body is coming in. I believe Jimmy moreland was one of the names that are floating out there. played for the washington football team last year. I've pretty solved player. He was cut on the injury designation. But it's still expected to play in week. One be healthy enough to play for week one. So if there's a name to watch. I feel like that's the one i throw out there. If the steelers weren't able to swing a trade which at this point seems a little less likely although the steelers still have a ton of cap space that something we have to keep in the back of our minds are kind of stepping away from the more positive news of course but staying in secondary. Joe haden today a little bit of news with him. That's him the steelers will not be working at a contract. This offseason This i guess This training camp. Of course we know. The steelers don't negotiate deals during the regular season slash. Postseason and joe. Hayden is expected to test free agency next summer. I'm curious what were your initial thoughts to that. And do you think this is going to be the end of the joe. Haden era in pittsburgh after the season. I always like the steelers. Don't like to extend guys early unless they're like their top most valuable players like it. Y ben rothlisberger can get a new contract anytime you want it. A but most of the time they go pretty close to their deal ending so wanted to hit me here either. Joe haden wants money that they're not willing to give him or cannot give him looking at what they're trying to do right now and so they're saying hey played out a year or they really are ready to move on from him Maybe they think that. Highly of james pierre and they're basically just grooming james fiero to be joe hayden's replacement next season. That's a possibility i. I'm leaning towards some finding a way to sign. Joe haden cut the salary. Cap will be bigger. There'll be more money. I i don't i think it's smart for him. Money wise to wait till next year and played out and see because there might be some teams with that much cast base saying. Hey we can blow money for two years on joe haden and give us a give us a guy who can come in and fill in here for a bit i. I would prefer that to be the steelers. The steelers will have some space that could use..

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