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Nineteen ninety-five was followed by nearly twenty seven thousand dollars appearing in Nicholson's accounts. The CIA interest in Jim heightened when he was heard asking for information that he was not required to have the same information that Russian liaison officer had requested a month earlier and was denied access to. Shortly after this incident Jim flew to Singapore for personal trip. This time the CIA suspected that he might be carrying classified documents or other information with him, and his surveillance team was arranged. A search of gyms checked bags was conducted. However, there was no opportunity searches camera bag which he took as his carry on. In Singapore Jim Checked into a three hundred dollars a night hotel room at the Shangri La. Not outrageously expensive, but while Jim was only earning seventy three thousand dollars a year, and was in the middle of a costly divorce. It was on the Pricey side. Jim was aware he could be being watched and he did. What is called a surveillance detection run? During a four hour period. He walked around Singapore with his camera bag. Their surveillance teams saw him retracing his steps and using shop windows to check surroundings as well as other counter surveillance techniques. Jim had learned from his time in the CIA. Later that same day Jim Antiques camera bag left the hotel again and completed part of the same route as earlier this time ending at a subway station at seven fifteen pm. Jim had no intention of catching a train. He joined the crowd of people, but did not follow them down to the lower level to catch the train. Instead, he moved around the station. I, he sat by a taxi stand then he moved back to the main area of the station where he was approached by an unknown male. The two men walked to a car that pulled into a taxi. Stand and Jim put his camera bag in the trunk. Before he sat in the back seat, the car was registered to the Russian embassy and unlike the meetings in Kuala Lumpur, the CIA had not approved.

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