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From ABC news. And here he trust in the White House has now exerting executive privilege over documents connected to putting a citizenship question on the census. It had been subpoenaed, by the house oversight committee chairman allies. You coming speaking in the last few minutes, now, the president asserting executive privilege over all of these documents this begs the question. What is being hidden? The committee also set to vote today on holding the attorney general, and commerce secretary in contempt or ignoring subpoenas in another hearing focused on the Miller report partisan divisions on full display this morning during the house intelligence committees. Hearing on the lessons learned from the Muller report, chairman Adam Schiff opening a hearing by laying out counterintelligence concerns mentioned in the Russian investigation while the ranking Republican on the panel Nunez dismissed the special counsel's probe as a hoax and said the real purpose of the report was to help Democrats and peach, the president, the panels hearing testimony of two former leaders of the FBI's, national security branch on Russian election interference, Monaco, Sarabi, ABC, news, Capitol Hill. House Judiciary committee is set to vote today on more funding for the program to help sick nine eleven first responders retired. Police detective Luis Alvarez urging the committee vote. Yes. Family needs not worth less in any others will have already done. Charges and another arrest after former Red Sox, great David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic at one suspect was formerly charged in connection with.

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