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Now dan cole just put it just gonna put out to karnal then everyone can have at it yeah that's great thank you day no seriously thank you say this is this is annoying to me as someone who was so hyped to finally see samsung to fully custom coal or or fully custom as they've ever been especially so this is built on the seventy five which is a brand new set of octa basically it re writes the way you connect the coals said before you could only have multiples so you could have to kohl's focus a cause you can have full into big form full whatever the new one is quote dynamic base like thin queue it's as you're welcome white yeah d what a m and then in capitals iq yeah yep so the dynamic architecture lousy to have seven lowpower kohl's and then just one super high power i need to get this job done and then it can just get it but it's it's it's on off right it's just one or seven right any it completely depends on the interconnect used and also the company making okay all right so lots of components going into that and it's just him yeah but basically samsung handled it really bottle is it's always been the guiding hypothesis that the xs and os versions of samsung phones were better you know that especially leading through the only time we ever got a flavor of it i just pulled out my galaxy essex i found it in a box was when qualcomm completely pooped the bed with the the eight ten.

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