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Switch hitter, batting for the left side against the righty Melanson on the 02, a breaking ball down and in and it comes up and hits the chest protector of Nolan. He'll keep it in front of them. And again, the runner Thomas not going anywhere. You've got to be absolutely sure this kind of a situation that you could make it so he stays put at first. At the end, and I think you know, anticipation needs to be better because that got away from No. One. And if he gets up to second base on the double play opportunity is gone right now, still a ground ball. All game could be over. Yeah, so you have to anticipate. I know you want to get thrown out, but you got to be smart and take advantage of a ball like that one, too. And another breaking ball. This one block very nicely by Nolan really squared up on it. Very solid fashion kept it in front of him. But it is two balls and two strikes and Melanson haven't worked pretty hard. He is throwing 14 pitches has gotten one out, has given up a base. It now finds himself in a deep count with Max Moron. 53 San Diego in the ninth one on one out. And the 22 pitch on the way, and it's just low a cutter just below that. He's maybe two inches down, and it's now three and two. Leadoff man Tommy Edmund, swinging the bat on deck. More off, choking up slightly on the bat Lanson sets of the belt 32, and he jammed them with a cutter and more off, got a piece of it to stay alive. You pretty much know you're getting one of two singing right cutter at 91 or curveball in about 82 young man down in the zone. Shortly it again it first by Thomas being held by Cronin. Worthwhile, Anson come set and another 32 pitch and a swing and a fly ball to center field. It's playable righted Christian. He'll make the catch two down. Back to first goes, Thomas, and now the Padres are an out away. And those who have stayed are now on their feet at Petco Park. Yeah. Unannounced crowd way haven't gotten the number didn't get the number usually see that on the box score before it's all said and done. It's a lively crowd, a socially distance crowd. Here's Tommy Edmund over four cardinals down to their final out on the first pitch from a lance in curveball, swing and a miss. So in one Think he fooled him, thereby starting off with the curve. And Edmund, who's such a smart little hitter and smart player and see him really get out of himself. No. One and a bouncer weakly hit up the first base line in the Lancet has it under hands on Cronin worth on. That's your ballgame. Lanson picks up his major league leading 14 saved on the Padres beat the Cardinals again. They sweep the Syriza and they stay within a half game of the Giants for top spot of the National League West. After a 5 to 3 win here on Sunday night, and they jumped out to a to nothing lead. Dan. It looked like tonight was gonna be the night offense would explode pitching as Kim was outstanding out of the gates, but Padres just continue get it done without having All of their star players really impressive run right now for Jase tingling in the San Diego Padres just a great week for them. They've won six of their last seven, and they hope to get some of the guys on the covert Io back in the next few days. His team's good and they know it a nice weekend for the Padres as they sweep the Cardinals again. The final score, San Diego five, and ST Louis three for Chris Singleton and our producer Justin, where I'm Dan Shulman saying, Thanks for listening. Now, let's send it to Jim Basket with tonight's postgame show. All right, Dan. Thanks.

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