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To, to continue to. Lourdes from her history. Because there's this. In fact, twenty two percent of the American youth. They simply don't. It wasn't holocaust photo with narrative that explain Anne Frank's life into being sent to Auschwitz Bret Hart eighth grader Rachel Williams is a tour guide. I had known about the holocaust because it's part of my family heritage. And I think this is a really good program. I think more will need to have it to collection is in the lobby of the Dell's, Il building across from city hall until Friday, it open to the San Francisco public library, July fifth in Oakland, but Butler, KCBS frozen red raspberries, from Washington state farm are being recalled across the western US WinCo foods as it sold frozen red raspberries, manufactured by raider farms of Bellingham, Washington, that may be contaminated with norovirus, the twelve ounce package with a best by date of February thirteenth twenty twenty one where sold in stores in Arizona California, Idaho, Montana whole bunch of source in the west basically the food and Drug administration found contamination. And a sample tests. No one has reported getting sick, but the Boise Idaho based companies urging people to throw away or return, their products back to the store for a full refund J Simpson has posted a cryptic tweet that says he has quote, a little getting even to do Simpson confirmed these open to Twitter account until the Associated Press, there are some things to straighten out. He did not say what those things are. But he says his followers will be able to read his thoughts and opinions on pretty much everything in his Twitter posts..

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