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You what happened here in Little Owego New York in August two thousand seven was almost unbelievable. Kawahara convicted of killing his wife. Michelle show who is about to be sent away for twenty five to life and suddenly it all blew up right in. Da Jerry King's face. I came into the courtroom thinking that the defendant was going to be sentenced and it ended up being more of my being on trial. Who who on earth had the power to make this happen? He did Kevin tubs. I know that she was there. Okay I know she was Kevin Tugs plainspoken rough-hewn farm worker back then was hauling Hay. And why was he so important because after six years during which tops for he barely registered the fuss over the Harris case he picked up a paper saw the story of cows conviction and and I seen that and I started like recall. You know second-line Oh my God just like that. He's suddenly newly said What he saw the morning after nine eleven the morning Michelle Harris disappear was important did was between five thirty and six in the morning? He said he was hauling a load of Hay as I was going by the Harris property there was a blonde woman out there and a young gentleman you know as early twenty s standing by a pickup truck. My lights is right on them and hardly more than ten feet away. He said he looked straight at the young man saw. He was dark haired muscular at visibly angry. He looks like dislike. What do you want and the woman she was looking down just by her face looked like she was crying upset or wasted the woman? He said he was certain of it. It was Michelle Harris was her. Was it true if Kevin tubs really did see Michelle on in the early morning hours of September twelve the prosecutor's case was in ruins because cal Harris couldn't have murdered her some seven hours before an innocent good man had just been convicted and so the judge tossed out the verdict call for another trial and sent cal home to his kids. Many including including Michelle's family thought tough story with bogus. Everybody knew is lie and I mean it was the most bizarre story that you could ever told hold then of course trial number two opened in two thousand nine. The prosecution attack tubs credibility. Why did he wait? Six years to come forward deal for the defense. It's TUBBS was pure gold. The man to create reasonable doubt. There simply isn't enough evidence to convict kill hair supporter. Bill Eastern Eastern was one of CAL's attorneys. There's not an eyewitness to an ear witness to what he didn't confess to it. None of this direct evidence is present. In this case. It's the prosecution. Argued that cow showed how unfeeling he was by failing to join the search for Michelle. That was nonsense that Mary cow simply trying to we keep altogether for his small children. There were dozens. Maybe hundreds of experts scouring.

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