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The lead you madam show and we don't at nagano stern on msnbc we are going to dive right into night there's a lot going on we've got congressman eric swale well here tonight from the intelligence committee we've got senator chris murphy here tonight we've got senator elizabeth warren here tonight as well there's a bunch of different things we are keeping an eye on tonight it's a very big night in the news we are watching the president's today continuing to escalate his criticism of the attorney general who he picked for the job he is seemingly trying to force jeff sessions to resign as attorney general without tactically asking for his resignation or just firing him white house sources are basically now admitting that this presidential initiative of criticism against jeff sessions is the first step in the president trying to fire the special counsel moeller who is investigating the russia matter so obviously as the president scales up that assault on his own cabinet member in his own attorney general is focused on that intensively as people try to game out exactly how he's going to approach this on the russia issue the judiciary committee in the senate last night issued and now tonight just rescinded their subpoena to the president's campaign chairman paul manafort paul manafort did a voluntary closeddoor interview with one investigative committee today with senate intel he spoke with them about the trump tower meeting with the russians last june he reportedly shared with the committee his notes that he took during that meeting in trump tower with all those russians after he got the subpoena last night we had also expected paul manafort to be appearing basically involuntarily in an open session at the senate tomorrow at the judiciary committee along with the president's eldest son donald trump jr now that subpoena has been rescinded and we're not exactly sure what either of them is doing in terms their testimony in handing stuff over but neither of them is going to be making an appearance on your tv screen tomorrow.

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