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Authorities and so whether even the emails between zuckerberg and how the social media companies have been colluding. And all of this. So what can you tell our viewers give them some peace of mind of of where this agenda leads and what we need to do to fight back against it were an action-oriented show as you know because a lot of people are scared. Their kids are being forced to get vaccinated Where does this go try. I think what she said is so important. People need to understand what the vaccination is and more importantly what is it. Just like with corona virus. We now have a year of understanding that the same people that are telling us to vaccinate are the same people that told us to wear masks when we shouldn't have to lock down when it was tragic and caused the deaths of you know hundreds of thousands of people we're gonna find out across the world and they're the same people that tried to hide the origins of the virus in the first place and these people all work together with several of these different vaccine companies. Madonna works directly with dr fauci. He has emails from pfizer and he has emails from other companies in here. So when they're telling us to tape a vaccine. There's an email early on and i won't go deep into it but dr bouchier is it's a personal email and he advises someone in mid to late marks that the corona viruses not dangerous to anyone. Unless you're over sixty five with co morbid conditions. That's what dr fauci. How did he change from that when he was telling everyone to put on mass to now they don't need the vaccine. Because if you read the vaccine label it's not a vaccine and now joe biden is offering. So what do you mean by that keith. Now is that. That's what do you mean by that. A lot of people are going to say woah. What a vaccine is not when you give someone a vaccine like smallpox. It's to allow your body to recognize that disease. With the lower dose. Her a d. attenuated does something. That's not dangerous so that you build up any bodies so that you won't have a problem when you get in fact that's what they did for smallpox human back at the revolutionary war. This vaccine is a synthetic modified vaccine. That's not a vaccine. It doesn't it by the vaccine own paperwork and insert it does not prevents you from giddy the corona virus. It only quote lessens. The symptoms will their medications out there. That lesson viral symptoms. We don't call him back seats and the there's never been a time in the nation's history were we have tried to induce population through free uber rides. Joe biden just announced beer. They're going to give people a beer if they go get a vaccine to get a vaccine for disease that by dr fauci own words doesn't affect over ninety plus percent of the population and we now know it doesn't and we know it's treatable with ten hydroxy cork win and so what everyone is trying to get their their their head around and i think i understand this is why did we develop a vaccine in the first place. We wouldn't be able to get that e way that emergency use authorization to push vaccine board so fast and it's written in the government regulations if there wasn't effective treatment for corona vials. And this might explain why dr foul and several people dance committee which peter dasent is also on that committee several others and by the way. She's at yet keith. those those those these are the same medical journals that are supposed to be the most prestigious but there were completely I would say exposed when they had to pull their anti h. Cq studies right so they publish these. These studies I don't know about june last year. Basically saying repeal will kill people weeks. Yes i mean these are supposed to be the preeminent journals medical journals in the world really and they had to pull these anti hd cute Studies but the damage was done. Everybody i mean mainstream news. Meeting from cnn msnbc. They had their loaded weapon they they could they could bludgeoned security at meanwhile hugh super cheap desk patents etc right. I mean i. I just wanna make sure our audience understanding ivermectin rebecca veterinarians supply. Place the bigger thing about this is they did it in they. They pulled back the article but the damage was done. In dr falcons emails. He's actually interviewed and says there's a symptomatic spread emails that the guy that publishes it after published. It said oh. I misspoke. It's and there's no way that there's no way symptomatic spread. There's a pattern here of getting the narrative about and then a few days later after the public reacts correcting the narrative but the media in the damage is done and no one puts a bright spotlight on it. And that's what we need to do right now to get back to charlie as we need to put light on the situation. People need to ask questions. That's not conspiracy. That's part of this nation. We should be able to ask questions. We need to hold our leaders responsible and our media responsible they're serious malfeasance in social media fact checkers that were practising medicine without a license. You know they're not interviewing people that have lost loved ones to suicide to depression to overdose. What we saw these lockdowns. And i believe there's hope for our nation because we're not europe we're not a nation founded from serfdom to the to the palace we were a nation built by pioneers people that took risks and believed in that their rights and their freedoms came from god and they weren't bestowed on them by any nan. And i still believe we're nation that that understands that is just a small number of people in if you look at all these groups you'll see the same names appear over and over the same ties to the same school of whatever saint government school of whatever or the same nonprofit. They all are an incestuous loop of almost parasites. Eat off that big organism in washington dc. All right keith. Enclosing that we're tight on time. What are the action steps than be taken here. The action steps number one or get involved at a county level to make sure lock downs and these. These unconstitutional edicts aren't done again in that. There's a lot of innovations off there and talk about another time to do that. Second thing is you need to hold your elected representatives accountable and wear them out as far as no vaccine passports. No vaccine mandates. I mean they're making our military all of them get back seeing and by some reports. That's a national national security crisis because we're having we're seeing a lot of side effects from this vaccine to put it in perspective charlie at one hundred eighty million influenza vaccine i believe they had sixty adverse events A voluntary reporting system. We've had over seventy seven hundred deaths at roughly eighty million doses of this vaccine. They stopped the swine flu vaccine at fifty three deaths. They stopped giving it. So why are we pushing a vaccine. That's not a vaccine experimental technology. That's unproven and has a people. People use numbers like well there's not comparatively there's not that many dead. We stopped the swine flu vaccine at seventy three deaths. Were at seventy seven hundred that her niggardly connected to these vaccines and we haven't stopped jet in. It's totally treatable. Anyone under the age of sixty.

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